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Do Phoenicians have the right to drinkable?

water right out of their tap?

IN California, residents do.

OR must Az's pay for HOME water filtration if they want drinkable water?

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    "Rights" can be defined in two ways, moral and legal. I'm not sure anyone who has knowingly or even unknowingly moved into a place with limited and/or contaminated water (such as a desert) can be said to have a moral right to drinkable water. If there is technology you can employ to provide it, more power to you–at your own expense. (That expense might be paid in various ways, such as individually, through a neighborhood co-op, or through local taxes.)

    As for legal rights, those would be defined by the laws in your jurisdiction. Because the US Constitution doesn't cover water rights of individual households, any such right would have to be found in your state Constitution, state law, city charter, or local law.

    If there is no such provision, then you have no such right.

    By the way, I live in a location outside of any city limits where every house has its own well and pump, provided and maintained solely at each owner's expense. We have no "right" we can enforce against anyone else. We chose to live here knowing this.

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