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Can this or cant it be possible and create an infinite paradox?

Lets say im worried about who im going to marry and i travel in time and see in the future who im going to marry and when i go back to my own time i flirt and do romantic things with the younger version of my suposed wife in order for her to fall in love with me and in the end we get married. But she only fell in love with me because i made the effort because i saw it in the future of how she was my wife but because i made the effort for her to marry me cuz i saw it in the future but because i made the effort i saw in the future...this keeps on repeating over and over infinitely but how does it break or how can someone put it in simple words an infinite paradox? Lets use for example the legend of zelda in the ocarina of older Link learned a song from a guy in a windmill that caused wind and the man who taught the song to link said that some kid showed him the song but then you go back in time and you are the kid who taught him the song! So where did that song come from? In other words an infinite paradox...

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  • 7 years ago

    Seems to me if you did travel to the future and found you were married, you could go back and do nothing, and still marry her anyway.

    Lucky it's all impossible.

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