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Why are people flipping out over embiid's injury?

the foot fracture he has can be recovered from. him and yao's injuries are completely different. plus MJ and Kevin McHale had the same injuries and were completely fine. the dude isn't being compared to hakeem for nothing. offensively he is farther along than hakeem was when he was 19 in college and defensively he's better than anthony davis. he's also better than davis on both ends of the floor when davis was first coming out of college. this dude has superstar potential written all over him. and can be far better than jabari or wiggins. i just hope he doesn't get stuck in cleveland, philly, or milwaukee. those places are black holes.

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    Randle also has foot issues. I don't think the Lakers will take a chance

    on him but that they will draft Marcus Smart instead.

  • How are Embiid's and Yao's injuries "completely different"? From what I've read on the Internet, they both broke the navicular bone, which caused Yao to retire.


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    Pretty much every top prospect big man that got injured before/right after they were drafted became BUSTS. He's only been playing for like 3 years and he's already getting some big injuries that would make you think again about picking him in the draft. History repeats itself, and I have no doubt this dude will be a bust. Ive been saying so ever since he became the #1 prospect. I mean, JUST LISTEN TO HIS NAME. "Embiid" ..."Embeeyd"....EMBEEEEEEEEED ......cmon you cant tell me that doesnt sound like a bust right there.

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    He also has back issues

    But I don't think he'll be better than jabari

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    don't make comparisons to hof'ers tbecause all you're doing is trying to convince yourself. embiid has done NOTHING..... NOTHING. a player drafted solely on potential gets a major foot injury that will put him out for almost a year. yes, almost a year, not a few months.

    wtf is stupid enough to waste a top lottery pick on that??? roflmao

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    6 years ago

    He is tje next greg oden

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