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What should the title of my story be?


Jane was diagnosed with Leukemia at the young age of thirteen years old. Now, at the age of nineteen, every day is nothing but a struggle for her. One day Jane and her mother visit the doctor for her usual weekly check-up. The nurse proposes and idea for Jane and her mother to consider. A young writer recently started following a story about the complexity of the disease and contacted the hospital in hope to find a patient to observe and write about. His reasoning is fairly simple, he thinks it'll help his writing career. Jane agrees and he starts a blog to share his observations and time with her through pictures and words. After spending months and months together, a relationship begins to develop. What Jane doesn't know is he is also writing a love story about them. She discovers his writing and reads over it. Jane automatically feels deceived and manipulated. Her life is hanging by a thread and she believes he's taking advantage of her to help himself and his career. This is clearly false, he wanted something to remember her by. His plans were to publish the story but also to get the girl.

So the story will explain things in a lot more detail. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing(:

I NEED A TITLE! I think something fairly simple will do. Maybe one or two words? Also, let me know if you like the plot or if i should change something that would make it more interesting.

Thank you so much!

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    Memory Lane

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    Life and death in Love

    Twisted Reflections

    Only so long

    A modern love

    The wronged romance

    A snap shot of sorts

    Sometime never

    Pieces pulled apart

    The other approach would to simply give the characters name to the title..

    Deborahs love

    Charlie Stait

    Good luck

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    How `bout things such as: PAIN IN THE SIDE,Gut wrenching & or : Wrestling with my heart .!?! <BTW>{ Perhaps you can be more specific as to: What it is-or- doing to you emotionally,physically & or socially etc,etc !?! ;-'[} r"R"r;a;wWw,`rRr`,'.->

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