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How to recover word 2013 file?

I used a disk recovery tool to recover some previously formatted files, however I am having problems with the .docx files [MS Word]. I use MS OFFICE 2013 and below is the message on the screen when I tried to open the recovered word documents:

"Word experienced an error trying to open the file. I tried the suggestions from Word 2013, but still couldn't open the document. I tried opening with Notepad but all i got was some funny machine language. Any help please! the files are so important.

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    Unless it's completely unreadable, modern versions of MS Office (2003 - present) have built in document recovery software. Just open the document and it will revert to the last saved version. There are other software too which you can use to repair your word files. When I face same corruption problem in my word files.

    I used Recovery Toolbox for Word to repair my corrupted files. You can try this software to resolve this corruption problem. Try its demo version first from link below. Scan your file, if you are satisfied then you need to get full version to save your file.

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    Apply this guide for Word document recovery


    New File


    Open the document that you were working with that you need to recover.


    Click "File," "Recent" and "Recover Unsaved Documents" located at the bottom right of the dialog box.


    Select the file you want to recover from the Saved Drafts folder that appears. Click "Open."


    Click "Save As" in the business bar along the top of the file, and rename the file as desired.

    Previously Saved File


    Open the document that you were working with that you need to recover.


    Click "File," "Info" and under Versions, click the version "(When I Closed Without Saving)."


    Click "Restore" in the business bar at the top of the file to update the file to the last saved version of the document.

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    It might be because the files were damaged; making it unreadable by MS Word. However, you could TRY downloading LibreOffice (an open-source alternative for MS Office) and open the files there using Writer. You might be lucky enough to open them there. Take note though, the formatting may be clustered (misalignment and font change) due to formatting issues on .docx by an open-source software. But you could try.

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    Also have a look this advance solution RecoveryFix for Word professional recovery software, which enables to restore Word document (.doc, .dot, .docm, .docx, .dotx & .dotm) files have been removed in a short time of period.

    I hope this will works for you.

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