(Help) Aspiring Actress In California!?

Hello, I live in Orange County, CA. I want to be an actress. I am 15 years old and an upcoming sophomore. I have always wanted to be in the Fashion, Beauty and Entertainment/ Media Industry. I DO NOT want to major anything else in college. Since it's summer should I start a YouTube Chanel? I have always wanted my little T.V. Show and I can do that on YouTube. After high school should i go to FIDM for fashion, Paul Mitchell School for Cosmetology, My local makeup school to do makeup for MAC or should i go to a 2 year college and be in the drama program and then transfer to a 4 year university and continue with acting/media? I was in drama at school for a total of 3 years so far! 7th, 8th and 9th grade and my counselor already has signed me up for drama next year. I'm planing to do it for the whole 4 years of my high school journey. plus another 2 years at my local community college and then hopefully a 4 year university. I want to live in LA when i grow up. I have heard sooooooo many stories about people saying that it is soo competitive and you won't have a chance. Should i just go for it? What jobs do you suggest as a backup for me? Btw I suck at Math!!!! omfg I can't even pass simple Algebra 1. Any jobs that don't involve math and are decent paying? Thanks. btw i have $1,000 dollars saved up and i'm never gonna touch a dollar of it once i graduate. Soo, should i go for my dreams and see where it leads me? or is the risk to high and am i gonna be unemployed? Thanks!!!!! xoxo

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    7 years ago
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    Look for local acting schools in your area and start trying to get to auditions. It is never too early.START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!! It will help you alot. update on what it is i will subscribe!!

  • Cogito
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    7 years ago

    Making a Youtube channel won't help you at all, if you mean for acting. It would just make you look like a complete amateur.

    The other thing is that actors aren't usually the sort of people who care about fashion and beauty and stuff like that. If you're really into that stuff, fine, but that's nothing to do with acting.

    Basically, to make a start as an actor, you'd need to -

    1) Have loads of natural talent.

    2) Get a few years of training at a good, accredited acting school, going from the basic classes to advanced ones.

    3) Get experience in a wide range of stage plays and shows – not regular high school stuff

    4) Learn to sing and dance if possible.

    5) Train for a good ordinary job as well, one you can work free-lance, as you’ll need it. Almost all actors work at least one other job just to survive. Doing a course in stage make-up might be a compromise?

    6) Ideally study Drama at degree-level at drama school or university.

    7) After all the above, try to find an agent who will accept you.

    8) When you get an agent, which is how you find auditions, try to win a few auditions out of the hundreds you'll have to apply for.

    Just bear in mind that all that hard work isn't enough - you also need huge talent, dedication, determination, resilience and luck.

    And sadly, the best that almost all actors will ever get is 2 or 3 weeks paid acting work a year - that's the average - and will never get more than a few minor roles in small productions.

    Good luck!

  • 7 years ago

    I think you should follow you dreams, and take the risk. For example, Iggy Azalea was 16 years with no family in Florida. She had to take the risk to follow her dreams, and now look at her. I'm pretty sure it's very competitive, and nothing in life comes easy. (:

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