BEATLES George Harrison and Ravi Shankar?

Do you think Ravi spoiled George Harrison musical contributions as a Beatle and post Beatle.?

I've heard that George subjected fans to a 2 hours of shankar at a concert in the 70s

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  • 7 years ago
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    In a word, no. In fact, the exposure to different styles of music and culture arguably broadened his perspective on music, making him a more versatile musician. Whether you actually like the results or not, it was the experimentation with new forms of music and instruments that made The Beatles trendsetters.

    I can see how some fans would have been disappointed if they came to a concert expecting to hear George perform old Beatles songs all night, but George had moved on. When artists are on the cutting edge, their work isn't always instantly appreciated by the general public. I wish I'd been there.....I wouldn't have been "subjected" to 2 hours of Shankar.....I would have been "treated" to it.

    In the mid 70's I was visiting a friend who had tickets to a Ravi Shankar concert. I tagged along and was amazed. The concert is one of the most memorable of my life. Sitar music is certainly an acquired taste, and I don't fault anybody who doesn't like it. Still, George incorporated it into his style, and in my opinion was the better musician for it.

    Source(s): Playing guitar since 1964
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