UFC backstage/real life fights?

Do anyone have info regarding these two incidents

1: Anderson Silve Beach fight


Youtube thumbnail


2: Nick Diaz George Saint


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3: Corridor Incident


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In third one GoldBerg is also in video, he is stopping the bald guy, I think its the video of a guy who grabbed a theif.

Don't know about other two videos, can anyone explain these three incidents?

Are they Real Life Incidents in UFC?Like in WWE there was an incident b/w Booker T and Batista.

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  • 6 years ago
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    1) That's not a fight. Anderson Silva traveled to the Amazon and engaged in a playful wrestling match with members of the native Kamayura people for a Brazilian TV show, "Sports Spectacular". They're not even on a beach:


    2) That's also not a fight. At no point in that video did you see GSP fighting Nick Diaz. They were never even in the same frame. That is a fan-made "promo" video to build up their then-future confrontation.

    3) Also not really a fight. Couldn't find any info on it, but it's pretty clear that the police are trying to subdue a guy and Bill Goldberg (who isn't actually associated with the UFC, and was never an MMA fighter) was foolishly trying to "help". Basically, one dude being an asshole and having the police restrain him, with a well-intentioned but in-the-way "tough guy" in the mix. The fact that the cops weren't all over Goldberg too indicates he was not who they were trying to restrain.

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