GTA V online (heritage)?

Doess anyone know how to make walter white in the heritage part of when you create a character on gta online

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    I don't know about online, but I do know that in story mode for Michael...

    Pale Amethyst Sweater

    Location: Ponsonbys

    Cost: $1300

    Brown Pants

    Location: Suburban

    Cost: $95

    Black-Rimmed Glasses

    Location: Binco Clothing

    Cost: $45

    Sand Leather Shoes

    Location: Ponsonbys

    Cost: $580

    Beard – Long Stubbed

    Location: Barber

    Cost: $30

    Haircut – Bald Head

    Unlike other hairstyles, this one is unlocked by registering on the Rockstar Social Club and linking to your PSN / Xbox Live account.

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