So, Im 14 and my family are moving to Indianapolis and I want to know hows it like. Im not the ghetto kind of black and im more proper and my friends in Jacksonville always call me an Oreo. So am im going to have trouble finding nice friends that arnt racist? Also how are the schools there? Are there lots of crimes? And how can a 14 year old have fun? And like can children walk to shopping malls like in New York???

Thx and plz answer the questions with full details...XD

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    You will be fine. If your parents can afford it (some scholarships are available), consider Cathedral High School. If you must attend a public school, consider Lawrence Township or Washington Township. These tend to be middle-upper class and racially diverse area and schools systems. You might also consider Hamilton County, but there's less racial diversity. The IPS (Indianapolis Public Schools) district has some troubles. There are many fine students, teachers, and administrators in that district, but they struggle against a culture that does not always value the same high standards. See book at the first link below for more details.

    In many ways, Indianapolis is not a great city for a young teen. The public transportation system is in need of improvement. The mayor is working hard to make the city safe for bicycling, but some motorists don't like to share the road. There is a system of greenways that one can use to take from one place to another. For a while, there were some crime incidents on the greenways, but the police increased their bicycle patrols and the crime dropped off. However, there are parks with basketball goals and some with tennis courts. There are membership recreational facilities such as the YMCA and the Jewish Community Center (and you need not belong to a particular religion to be a member of either), as well as the facilities run by IndyParks. There are organizations for young people such as Scouts, 4-H, and those at religious organizations. There are places for all sorts of activities such as GreatTimes, and there are indoor rock climbing and trampoline facilities and bowling alleys. Schools have clubs for just about every interest (theater, science, robotics, band,..). There are groups such as Key Club that promote leadership and service to others. There are interesting museums (Children's Museum, State Museum, Indiana History Center, Conner Prairie, Art Museum). There are concerts, art, and other cultural attractions.

    Most shopping malls are not in walking distance of residential neighborhoods, but there are a few exceptions. There are some neighborhoods from which you could walk to Castleton Square, and if you live downtown, you might be able to walk to Circle Center Mall.

    See second link for crime statistics. As you can see from the map, some areas are much better than others.

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    When you get moved in, find a church and ask your family to visit it and maybe join it. You would be more likely to find young people like yourself there than just hanging around malls. Make some friends before school starts next year, so you will already have a group to talk to, go places with, have common interests, etc. If there are people who call you an oreo, just keep your sights on what you want to do with your life. Join some organizations at school that bond people together like band or a science club--something you could have fun with. Don't let people define you by race--figure out a goal you want for yourself and start planning how you will get to it. A program like ROTC or a pre-Navy training program would help you with learning to plan and set specific goals. Then, if you join the military, you could go in at an elevated rank when you sign up at age 18. Read up on Indianapolis and things that are important to the city. That will give you an idea of what you'll be getting into. Good luck to you!

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    Your fine there is ghetto people but there is some of the nicest proper people too every city has crime but its not crazy like gary In. Not sure about malls I live in hammond I only know about River Oaks and Southlake. Im 13 btw the schools will do.

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    Your fine there is actually ghetto people but there is a few of the nicest proper people as well every city has criminal offense but its not insane like gary In. Unsure about malls I reside in hammond I only learn about River Oaks and Southlake. Im 13 btw the schools is going to do.

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    Welcome to Indianapolis :)

    Also there is plenty of stuff to do for a Teen. If you are bored you aren't really trying to have fun. As mentioned there's the worlds largest Children s Museum and the Downtown area is a huge draw even internationally.

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    the nicest proper people

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    nice one

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