a computer my parents can't mess up?

i need to find a computer with stuff installed that would prevent flash crashes and stuff of that nature already installed. my mom likes to play facebook games and find it games. mostly i am just looking for an operating system with safeguards and stuff already installed with good privacy settings and stuff.

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    7 years ago
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    Ever wonder why Universities and public access computers can have hundreds of people using their systems and not get messed up.

    There exists a class of computer software specifically designed to allow full operation of the computer but at the same time prevent permanent changes to the computer itself.

    The program most used by establishments is "DeepFreeze", makes a system virtually bulletproof.

    Once installed in it's "Frozen State" any changes to the system such as deleting the entire registry, (C:) Drive and every file/folder in the computer, basically everything, including getting a tonne of viruses, a simple reboot and total system is back to normal.

    Here is a list of alternatives which do basically the same function as DeepFreeze. Most are free as DF is $40.


    Now if you want a separate operating system you have two choices.

    You can get a Linux operating system that comes ready to go that is ready to be opened by a program called Virtual Box 9or you can make it your self). These are preconfigured. You install VirtualBox, download a preconfigured Linux Distro and open your guest Linux OS in a virtual enviroment, separate to your host operating system. This way any destruction to the Linux VM (Virtual machine) will not affect your main computer.

    Lastly you can download and burn to CD a high security OS called LPS Public Deluxe used by the US Airforce military grade protection. It's free, no brainer to use, has FireFox and Thunderbird email client and other general software. This way your computer boots into this OS which will be 100% completly separate to your host system and anything mess up inside this OS cannot be translated to main OS.

    Also the extra beauty of LPS is it's non-writable, meaning it cannot be destroyed and no virus etc can write itself to it. Anything goes wrong and reboot returns things to normal.

    These measures will prevent any one destroying anything in your computer forever.

    If you need privacy then use the free Open Source "OpenVPN" (virtual private network)

    For extra protection, again use the free open source Open DNS called OpenDNS Crypt.

    Not only is this a secure domaine name server but your DNS is encrypted.



    VPNBook University of South Wales free;


    VPNGate Academic project by University of Tsukuba, free of charge;


    Open DNSCrypt free open source;

    The above OpenVPN is the free source code used by VPN companies that use it and charge you $$.

    The difference is that you have a small manual set up to do for the free VPN where as the paid version is a do it all for you installer package. Free is better!




    I realize my methods go a bit beyond the norm but I'm an extremist as far as security goes.

    Years ago I got fed up with minimum safety methods as they only work some of the time, and when they don't then we end up scanning for viruses, repairing and rebuilding systems endlessly.

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    Just install some add-ons, in that section of Firefox or Google Chrome . Search your needs, like addblock plus, flash blocker ( which may block the games ) etc Search all the popular ones for your needs.

    Also, installing a higher amount of Ram ( for your computer type ) can help alleviate some crashing. If you do upgrade, get a 64 bit computer. Not 32 bit

    Emptying the cookies, and some memory items, might be a temporary fix

  • 7 years ago

    Tumbleweed is right on with his/her answer. Linux is the way to go. There are millions of Windows viruses out there. None of them effect Linux. Linux doesn't need a anti virus either. It a very stable and hard to infect running system. If they decide to download anything, 95% of the time they will have to go through the download manager to get it. If Linux doesn't have it in there repositories, They won't get it. Windows programs will not work on Linux for the most part.

    Source(s): Linux Mint 16 user.
  • 7 years ago

    Linux. I suggest Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop.

    Either that or (ugh) a Mac ... but you should give Linux a try first. You (and your mother) can learn what you need to know in about 15-30 minutes of tutorials. Download a live version (runs off a CD/DVD or flash drive) and give it a whirl. Mint with Cinnamon looks more like Windows than does Windows 8.

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    Create their own account. That way, without admin permissions, they can't install things they're not supposed to.

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