I want an airsoft pistol, which one would be good?

I need an ELECTRIC airsoft pistol. a basic handgun that is semi-auto. Something that is easy to get extra mags and batteries.

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  • Leon
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    6 years ago
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    There are a few good ones from Tokyo Marui, however these are hard to get in the USA, or basicly anywhere outside of east asia. CYMA makes a few that have decent availability but they run out of stock alot. The best option is the WELL and JG Scorpion micro-SMG things.




    Those are they CYMA pistols. Magazines and batteries are easy to find on that site.



    I would agree wtih evan that these guns work OK, but are not that great and to not compare to gas guns in performance and durability. But i can understand not wanting to pay for gas. However, if you get a good gas gun and a propane adapter, you can get alot of shots for cheap, with propane cans being twice as large as green gas and only $2-3 a can.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I don't know of any electric good ones. But I would recommend a gas or co2 gun.

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