Domino effect in Mideast?

Assume that all of Iraq falls to the terrorists currently advancing on Baghdad. Once they've consolidated their victory, would they then put their sites on other Mideast nations, like Kuwait, Jordan, et al?

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    6 years ago
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    no, if Iraq were to "fall" it would fall into pieces. Sunni, Kurd, and Shia would each take a part. the ISIS would never have the power to take the entire country, at best they could carve out an oil rich territory. the ISIS doesn't have the technical ability to run the oil fields but that could be gained over time, or contracted out to, well, Americans, like Cheney's Slumberger oil services. That was Cheney's dream in the first place but Maliki wouldn't hear of it.

    if Iraq was a cohesive country the tiny ISIS force would have never got Mosul, let alone what they have now. they "won" by the government army giving up. i suspect they will get pushed back quite a ways but perhaps hold a small enclave for decades to come if they want it. understand that these are not actually Sunni's but rather a radical group that nobody really claims, they were too radical for Al Qaeda even. None of the surrounding countries are vulnerable, including Syria. Jordan has a world class army which has avoided conflicts only because they are a peaceful nation. but if they were to mobilize they would quickly crush the ISIS. Kuwait is a long ways from the Sunni regions held by ISIS and they would get defense from America. Al Qaeda remains the main disruptive force in the Arab world, ISIS is just a sideshow.

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  • 6 years ago

    no. ISIS is Sunni and the rulers of Jordan, Kuwait, and KSA are also Sunni.

    the more likely result is that Iran supplies troops to 'protect' the Shi'a part of Iraq [and, incidentally, most of the oil] from ISIS.

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