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Israel and US relations?

Just a few questions...

1. With Israel selling technology to the United State's rival (China), are they trying to break ties with the US? I understand that Israel doesn't want to be dependent on any country, but why are they stabbing the US in the back with this? I don't mean to offend anyone but most Americans are starting to think the US-Israel alliance is coming to an end because of this.

2. Has Israel asked for US military support? I know the WB and Gaza is not a war zone like Iraq or Afghanastan but I heard surrounding nations are attacking Israel, I don't know it seems like if they were actually fighting they would call for support.

3. What are Israel's relations to other US allies, UK, South Korea, Australia, etc? It's just I've always heard the US and Israel paired together and not any other nation.

4. Does Israel even like the US? There's a lot of mixed opinions in the states but what do the Israelis feel towards America.

These questions might seem kind of offensive to Israelis but it's not my intent. I'm actually a big Israel supporter and believe in not "giving up" the West Bank or Gaza Strip. If I messed up on any facts or anything please don't be too harsh I'm no expert, just a high school student obsessed with politics.

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    1) Israel have the right to sell their own technology to other countries. They aren't stabbing USA in the back, if anything USA are the ones who stabbed Israel when they demanded that Israel must stop their jet fighter program. The IAI Lavi would have outsold the American built F-15, so America demanded that Israel stop it... now Israel cannot survive without foreign bought American F-15s. We can all get on as allies, but capitalism is capitalism and it works both ways.

    2) Israel don't need military support, if they needed to get rid of Gaza and the West Bank or any of the surrounding nations then they could do it in a matter of hours. Oh and Gaza Strip is actually like a proper war zone. All that Israel needs is to share intelligence with USA on the surrounding Islamist groups and they may also need possible American backing to get supplies safely shipped to Israel during times of war, but no military support is needed. It's unlikely that Israel will go full scale war with Iran, likely they will just bomb the Iranian nuclear reactors with some airstrikes and then pull out.

    3) Israel also has very strong relations with the UK, South Korea, Australia etc. Israel engages in numerous military exercises with Greece and Italy. They've also sold technology to Turkey. Israel continues to have strong relations with Canada. Israel have been considering to buy trainer fighter aircraft from South Korea, while South Korea are interested in buying Israel's Iron Dome defense system to protect against a possible North Korean rocket attack against South Korean cities. Israel's dolphin-class submarines, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, are manufactured and sold to Israel by Germany.

    4) Israel does like the US, but it annoys us how sometimes US officials such as Barack Obama and John Kerry fail to see the way the Middle East works and what is going on. It can also be annoying how they always try to be the world's policemen. However we all love the US a lot, but there are exceptions among us obviously. Almost all of us view the influence of the USA as positive. USA forced us to stop our jet fighter program in return for US foreign aid, making us more dependent on them. Things like this are irritating, but no country is perfect and USA have done a nice job at supporting Israel so far.

    Your questions aren't offensive, they're natural for someone living in a world where there's so much loud pro-Arab voice. These are confusing times and Americans should understand that there's no future in a country which doesn't cooperate with China, but Israel won't "stab USA in the back". Israel wants to work with both, but nobody in Israel trusts China anyway because we know that they hack Israeli computers to try to steal technology secrets.

    The only main negative points of the US Government are that they try to be the world's policemen often without the full picture, they give money both to Israel AND the Palestinians (which is stupid) and also they force Israel to become too dependent on the USA.

    I recognize that the USA has it's faults, but if any country has supported Israel since its early days and remained a true ally, it's America. In turn Israel has fought wars on America's behalf, such as the Yom Kippur War which was really just a Cold War power struggle between USA and USSR in the Middle East.


    Israel and America must stand against terrorism. Since you're on Yahoo Answers, go to the "Society and Culture - Holidays - Ramadan" Section to ask the Muslim contributors about what they think of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), it's a terrorist organization which executes children. Go and ask them about various other terrorist organizations (Hezbollah, Hamas etc.) and you'll see that so many of them love these "freedom fighters", and hate the USA.

    Israel and America are both natural allies due to both being founded on principles of freedom, equality and justice. Both had to once fight for their right to be a free independent states. Both must stay allied against Islamic extremism, which aims to force Sharia Law on everyone.

    It cannot be that in Israel you cannot catch a bus without a slight risk getting blown up, or that in New York you cannot get a job in a skyscraper without a slight danger that a plan will fly into your office.

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    1. Israel is a democracy in a sea of fascist dictatorships. She is the most diverse society in a vicinity full of homogeneous cultures. She is the only nation in the MidEast which offers the basic freedoms outlined in the First modification. 2. Israel is a global chief within the sciences, primarily remedy, and on the entrance line in the world warfare on terror. Three. Israel had confronted four invasions in her first 30 years and received each and every. The us likes backing a winner. 4. Israel is the one country whose correct to exist is puzzled, and the whose destruction is brazenly called for by means of more countries than another. 5. Any one has to counter all of the anti-Israel bias from the UN and european. 6. No US soldier or sailor has ever died protecting Israel.

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    First of all do not worry about offending Israelis - the whole world is picking on them now and the Israelis are getting used to looking like the bad guy.

    It is a bit confusing. One day Israel is begging the US for more than the $12 billion we already give them per year. The next day they are selling secrets or American technology to another country.

    Many experts say Israel simply can not be trusted.

    I used to support Israel but after reading mountains of facts that condemn Israel I can not defend an entity that has done so many evil things.

    As a high school student you should ask your teachers about Israel's nuclear weapons and about the awful "Samson Option" which threatens the lives of millions of innocent children.

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      "many experts say Israel simply cannot be trusted"... which "experts"? The pro-Hitler ones?

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    This issue is greatly exaggerated by Arabs. Just see how those "loyal" citizens quickly pointed out "israel is not Friend of the USA"...

    Only complete idiots and Arab traitors would think that Arab are USA friends.

    And Israel... Israel is not just small. but tiny country without natural resources, except one...Human brains... and that what they have to sell in order to survive.

    Young people don't remember this:

    In Cold War Israel was the only Western power victorious against numerically superior enemy armed by Russians.

    We lost in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and Africa. But still we won the Cold War, because Israel won the Hot Wars with Arabs.

    Together with Israel we will win war with Muslim extremists.

    That's the reason Arab try separating us. T

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