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meaning of inform?

Would Susan change her mind if she knew the statistics about high cholesterol and risk for cardiovascular disease that informed her doctor's advice?

what does informed mean here?

I know that inform means giving knowledge to someone but it doesn't make sense here. how can you inform an advice?

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    This is a prototypical idiosyncratic use of a word. Believe it or not, people use inform as follows:

    Integrated example and answer: Your question informs my response to the extent I like to distinguish between multiple configurations of words, sounds, meanings, etc.

    This gives rise to wordplay ("Your question..."). That is, had you not elaborated, I would have replied that inform means to tell someone something especially interesting to them for whatever reason.

    Nevertheless, you'd probably want to understand the peculiarity propounded through certain expressions that seem to be on the uptick in common usage.

    As an example, effect is a result. That's the most common meaning. However, it's just me or people started using effect in its verb form with increasing regularity.

    Example: He effected the termination of his boss using the anonymous hotline.

    This is a radical departure from the common meaning of effect. Notice I used effected. This gives a clue that the word is a verb. But you'll often encounter the verb "effect" which means "to effect" something.

    Example with effect: The colleague suggested that he effect the termination using the anonymous hotline.

    Once you hear a word or study it, the tendency is it will crop up again and again. This case is special, especially because it involves an emerging adaption which has been adopted for a common word. Ergo, I would argue it's easier* to understand a word that sounds out of the ordinary than it is to understand a "mustard" flavor of a word you already know.

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    It is badly worded but to inform means to 'tell' so the doctor's advice, presumably' was influenced by the statistics he was aware of.

    Would have been better worded:-

    Would Susan change her mind if she was aware of the statistics about high cholesterol and risk for cardiovascular disease that influenced her doctor's advice?

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    "...that informed her doctor's advice" means "that influenced/caused her doctor's advice."

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