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Do some people actually practice bestiality?

My friend told me that there are videos on the internet of people having sex with animals? Do people actually do this?

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    Yes. Interspecies sex has been around for thousands of years. I'm not positive but I think cave paintings have been found depicting a human having sex with a female hooved animal. In modern times, yes, you can very easily find videos of humans (either gender) doing sexual activities with animals (either gender) of numerous species. As long as it's fully consensual by all involved of whichever species, to each their own.

    Regarding "Amani's" comment about the HIV/AIDS virus coming from a mutation of SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus), that rumor is of course just a rumor and speculation. There are several other possible causes such as people eating the meat of SIV-infected monkeys, being bitten by a monkey, contracting it through the slaughter of poached monkeys (poacher cuts hand on gutting knife, gets infected monkey blood into system), or unsanitary/unsterile veterinary practices.

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    It's much easier to search Google than go through the trouble of asking people on here...

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    Yep. Some folks like kids, some like animals, some like inanimate objects like buildings and such, some like to beat, some like to be beaten, some like people of the same gender, some crave feet, some crave you name it, somebody will get off to it.

    Face it, if it weren't for our morals, 1/5 of us would be sniffing each others buts like a pack of dogs.

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    everything is believable in this world

    even there is a rumor says that the first AIDS virus appeared after

    an affair between a man and a monkey

    so these things happen

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  • 6 years ago

    Yes they do and a whole lot more. whatever you can think of, someone is out there doing it, and a lot of things you could not even imagine. to each his or her own I guess but this, they can have it

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