Coffee date tomorrow, what do I wear? Ladies help please?

So there's a girl I really like at the grocery store I work at. I'm 18 she's 17 She's a cashier and I'm a bagger, the first time we met we got to learn a little about each other, and got her phone number the second time I met her. We always smile at each other and like seeing each other at work. I asked her if she would like to hang out sometime and she said sure. I found her on Instagram and I saw pictures of her and her bf. No offense but he looks like a jerk, looked at his twitter he looks like he's full of himself and it sounds like they don't have much in common as well. But I never told her I found her Instagram. She has never once mentioned to me she has a boyfriend to me, and even called me sweet, writes me smiley faces and winky faces in texts. So we were texting and it turns out we have a ton in common and really can keep a conversation going. I've never felt this strongly about a girl before, she's so pretty and so sweet. I can tell she loves all the stuff we have in common. Another thing I should mention is she's going to college only about an hour and a half away. And I think her boyfriend is going like 6 hours away. So we have planned to go out and get a coffee together this weekend. Should I pay for her? I'm just confused cause she technically has a boyfriend, but she doesn't know that I know. We're going to get a coffee at an outdoor mall. So should I pay for her? Should I hug her? What should I wear? What should we do at the mall after we get coffee? Help!

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    5 years ago
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    Paying is the gentlemanly thing to do and you want to show her that you are a gentleman. Hugging still sounds okay just don't do it in a way that would cause her boyfriend to punch you in the face. What to wear. Nothing dirty, wrinkly, stained stretched, dingy or holey. Let your fragrance be subtle go with aftershave and axe deodorant not a bunch of cologne you don't need to smell like a perfume factory, maybe wash with suave men's three in one body wash shampoo and conditioner citrus rush or Axe but it is way more expensive with the same amount of effectiveness. Be you. At the mall sit in the massage chairs, people watch, have a drink straw cover flicking match to see whose goes the farthest. Guess what color the next guy coming around the corner is going to be wearing. Try to figure out how long the couple walking by has been together and tell her the stories that you make up in your head about the people you see. He is a cop, she is a waitress and they met when he pulled her over for a red light and went out for ice cream after she fought her speeding ticket in court. Their son is named Jonah and he doesn't like to be in the mall. Just the good stuff. Create a scavenger hunt something like bingo create cards and rig it for her to win. Talk about her future plans. People love other people who pay attention to them and if her boyfriend is full of himself she could use someone who cares about her for a change. Be the guy that she can run to when things go wrong. Just know that you might set yourself up for heartbreak or to be the happiest that you have ever been in your life. My husband was the third wheel for many months and when things fell apart he was there for me and this is why I am his wife. I was even engaged to the other guy but he never gave up hope. Love her enough that you want what is best for her even if it is someone else.

    • Paul5 years agoReport

      Wow thanks Rachael, the fact you said your current husband was the third wheel for many months, gives me a lot of hope! Might I ask what happened that broke off your engagement with the other guy?

  • 5 years ago

    Be yourself. Don't overdo it trying to impress her or you will drive her away. You can offer to pay for her coffee if you want, but try to be charming about it. Say with a playful smile something like: "This was my idea and I have to be the man, so let me pay for this. If you want, you can pay for it next time."

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    The fact that she is going out with you and she has a boyfriend says enough about her. (especially bc she hasn't told you) but to answer your question keep it casual. nice jeans are good.

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    5 years ago

    Try this. :) Good luck for the whole coffee date

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