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Who should the Heat add this off season?

If Big 3 retains, I'd say Kirk Hinrich, Shaun Livingston, Andray Blatche, Dejuan Blair,

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    Well, almost everyone on the Heat is coming off the books this season. Meaning, the only players that are signed on for next season are Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and Norris Cole, with the big three able to opt out via an early termination clause.

    If I were Miami's GM's, these are the players who I'd target to fill out my roster with minimum contracts:

    Avery Bradley, Andray Blatche, Josh McRoberts, Nazr Mohammed, Nate Robinson, Greg Smith, Aaron Brooks, Jodie Meeks, Wesley Johnson, Thabo Sefalosha, Shawn Marion, Cole Aldrich, Greivis Vasquez, Shannon Brown, Chris Anderson, Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers.

    And these are the players I'd target with larger contracts (and mid level exceptions):

    Greg Monroe

    Lance Stevenson

    Larry Sanders

    Spencer Hawes

    Trevor Ariza

    Marcin Gortat

    Mo Williams

    Ideally, this is the lineup I'd like to start next season:

    PG: Mo Williams (Norris Cole) (Nate Robinson)

    SG: Dwayne Wade (Jodie Meeks)

    SF: Lebron James (Shawn Marion)

    PF: Chris Bosh (Chris Andersen) (Josh McRoberts)

    C: Marcin Gortat (Nazr Mohammed)

    Contracts work like this:

    Lebron: $20 mill (Bird rights)

    Wade: $20 mill (Bird rights)

    Bosh: $20 mill (Bird rights)

    Gortat: $7.5 mill (Mid level exception)

    Williams: $2 mill (Cap Space)

    Cole: $1 mill (Rookie Contract)

    Robinson $1.5 mill (Minimum)

    Meeks: $2 mill (Cap Space)

    Andersen: $1.5 mill (Minimum)

    McRoberts: $2.5 mill (Room exception)

    Mohammed: $1.5 mill (Minimum)

    Shawn Marion: $3 mill (Mini MLE)

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    Miami needs a true Big Man. A Big who can control the paint. All the bigs you mentioned would bring the sorely needed rebounding Miami is missing, but they aren't rim protectors. Miami is also in desperate need of a Point Guard. Chalmers and Cole are not real point guards, and truthfully aren't really that good. Playing alongside LeBron make them appear better than they are. But in this series against the Spurs they have been exposed as the weak players they are. San Antonio's third Point man (Corey Joseph) is better than either of them, and abused them when he got to play in games 1,3, & 4.

    The addition of a real Point Guard provides a person who can breakdown opposing defenses, distribute the ball for the players who can't create for themselves, control the offensive tempo, and make it so that LeBron isn't always the guy having to setup everyone else. That alone pays major dividends. The Heat are so dependent on LeBron for everything, they almost come to a halt when he's not on the floor against elite teams.

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    Kirk Hinrich on the heat? LOL Kirk Hinrich wants rings. Spurs, or Bulls for him. The Heat don't need anymore stars. Lebrick already has 3 superstar players

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    Trade bosh, chalmers, and battier

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    no, I am not agree with you.

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