Kurds: how do you feel about Turks?

I'm a Türk from Iran. There ethnic Turks in Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Iran.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Kurds have been seen as problem from Middle Eastern countries. To speak clearly, they can be converted easily. In Iraqi war, Iraqi Kurds changed the side and joined US troops. Just because that, every nation in Middle East tried to avoid from them, some of them commit crimes such as "genocide" to them. Saddam tried to poison them..

    The only country that helped Kurds was Turkey. Over 500.000 hundreds of Kurds had taken to Turkish side, they were given jobs, home, and food as well as free universal healthcare service with national ids.

    Look what are happening now ? They're joining to terrorist forces, and they demand a huge land from Turkey's soil, they burn busses in South-East...

    Just because of it, it's not just Turks, almost everybody in Middle East, Eastern Europe, Western Asia don't love Kurds. They see Kurds as parasites..

    There are also good Kurds, one of them is one of my best friends.

    I was born in Germany by German parents, and I've been living in Turkey. This is what I know.

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    • Kemal6 years agoReport

      Now that's not right, they've fought their way to gain names like "Gaz"i-Antep, "Kahraman"-Maraş, "Şanlı-Urfa", they've fought against the French and English so bravely. And I am Turkish.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    as a kurd from iran i'm against turkey & the nationalist turks who are trying to assimilate my people there

    for azeri turks :

    i don't have anything against them , except their aid to iranian islamic regime in 1979-1980 when their mullahs helped the iranian government to suppress my people & now there are many of them helping the iranian regime to keep his occupation over the kurdistan

    & i respect their social & democratic requests for their rights as long as they keep their claim out of our lands in western azerbaijan province in north west iran

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