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Tap Dancing?

Okay, so I'm auditioning for my dance studio's Sr. Jazz Team in a little over a week, but next week is when we're learning the audition dance. There is a camp 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. Each hour is one of the following styles of dance: lyrical, tap, hip hop, or jazz. Each dancer has to be there for each style and learn the dance. For me to learn the jazz dance, I must learn all of the others. The thing is, I'VE NEVER TAKEN TAP, not even when I was little! The requirements to audition are level C or higher (good or better), but I don't even have a level because I'm not in a tap class. I have to learn the dance, so what moves should I learn to be somewhat prepared for the camp? I don't want to embarrass myself or mess up the beat. PLEASE HELP!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Shuffle- use the toe tap like a paint brush, brush forward and backward.

    Brush- a single brush (either forward or backward)

    Flap- similar to shuffle, brush frontward, but instead of brushing back, step on it (most pronounce the name "fuh-lap" as that is how the taps sound when you do it

    Scuff- brush your heel


    Ball change

    Hop/Jump- The difference is that you hop on one foot, but to jump you switch feet

    Step/stomp- The difference is you step to use the other foot, and you stomp to pick up the same foot again

    Cramp roll- toe toe heel heel (however they are usually done very fast, and it is difficult to get all 4 sounds)

    Most tap steps consist of different combinations of the things I listed above, but use different names such as:

    Paradiddle: heel brush(back) toe heel (all on same foot)

    Draw back: brush(back) heel step (RLR or LRL)

    Maxi ford: jump shuffle jump toe (RLLR or LRRL)

    Unfortunately tap is quite difficult, especially when you are just starting. I definitely think you should give it a try because it is super fun, but if you are really that nervous about it, perhaps ask if you can just try the tap part for fun and only do jazz/hip hop/lyrical routines. Don't be discouraged though because you may find it is something you really like and want to get better at!

    Best of luck at your audition!

    Source(s): Tap dancer of 14 years, teacher of beginner tap
  • 7 years ago

    "so what moves should I learn to be somewhat prepared for the camp?"

    : Confidence

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