has anyone been banned from a store?

and went back? My friend got caught shoplifting and I was just there as an accomplice because I was aware of her doing it. SO I GOT BANNED from walmart too. They got my basic info, name, phone number, and address. For my friend way more info was recorded. Im banned for a year but if i go to a different location will they know? They didnt take my picture but a video recorder was recording us when we were in the HOLDING ROOM.

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  • 6 years ago
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    I and my friends got banned from Walmart because we did some of the pranks on the "101 things to do in Walmart" list.

    However, when we went to go shopping at another Walmart close by, nothing happened. The first Walmart did take our pictures, but usually when a Walmart bans someone, it is typically just that store. Most Walmart's do not communicate with each other, unless the action was REALLY BAD. Now if your friend stole over 100 dollars, it's highly possible that the Walmart in question gave your information to corporate, and you will not be allowed in any Walmart.

    Seriously though, you and your friend need to get help. Shoplifting is wrong, and you deserve the consequences. If you didn't want to have to worry about this, you shouldn't have let your friend shop-lift, or gone with him/her.

  • SMDave
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    6 years ago

    Yes they will certainly know. Sam Walton hates thieves with a passion, and Wal-Mart uses state of the art facial recognition software. They have you on video from the holding room, and they will photograph you again as you enter any Wal-Mart worldwide. The software will flag you as being banned within a few seconds of entering the store, then security personnel will apprehend you as soon as they can without making too much of a fuss and scaring the other customers.

    You will then be guilty of criminal trespass, and will have your very own criminal record for the rest of your life. Good luck trying to get a job, obtain a housing (or any other) loan, buying a car on credit, or marrying somebody without a criminal record.

    If you want to commit a crime you would be better off robbing a bank. At least then you only have the FBI to worry about!

  • Yeti
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    6 years ago

    They'd have your image from their videos just fine. There are sometimes rumors they use facial recognition technology on those entering their stores, but who knows.

    If you use anything with your name on it, like a credit card, in another store, they'll know. If you have to do a return and they take your name, they'll know. If you get caught again, they'll know. If somebody robs you in the store and you have to file a police report, they'll know. It's criminal trespassing if they catch you. You can ask them if you're banned from just that one store, or all of them. I believe they usually ban people from all their chain.

  • 6 years ago

    Being "aware" of someone else committing a crime doesn't legally make you an "accomplice", not that it matter, since you weren't arrested by the police.

    Being "banned" without any reason, however, is their choice since it's their private property. You would be (in theory) arrested for "criminal trespass" if you were caught there again (anywhere they said not to go) for any reason.

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