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My boyfriend is taking drugs?

My boyfriend and I were fighting, and now he told me that he's depressed because he thought I was just completely done with him. Now he's doing drugs non-stop. How do I stop him? It's hurting me so much.

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    A man that supposedly does drugs because of what you did to him actually has another, very serious problem that has absolutely nothing to do with you. His turning to drugs to cope is not in any way your fault, as he would have done this eventually, no matter what.

    If you really care for him and want for him to get better, the best thing you can do is leave. You cannot "cure" him or treat his addiction as long as you are romantically involved. If you think otherwise and let your caring, nurturing instincts influence you to stick it through, mark my words: He WILL hurt you over and over, and drag you through needless years of hell. If you stay on board, and try to let him know that you will be there to help him through this problem, he will use that as leverage to manipulate you into an endless cycle. If there's one thing an addict is good at, it's manipulating people closest to them: Manipulating people into liking them, feeling sorry for them, and worst of all, manipulating others into enabling a lifestyle that will allow them to continue their drug use. As long as he uses drugs as a coping mechanism, his behavior will eventually escalate to the point that we won't be able to cope with life in general without them. Then, he may hit rock bottom and seek help, but you're not the one to do that for him, he is.

    The best advice I can give, advice that many simply won't take because of their emotional investment, is to express your wishes that he will someday want to get treatment for his own sake, not for yours, and tell him that you cannot talk until he finishes his treatment. If you keep talking to him before he's clean, even if he temporarily stops on his own, he will eventually manipulate you right back into the cycle.

    Does it hurt to do this? Hell yes, but you are at a crossroads in your life right now. Any direction you take but AWAY will lead to far, far more heartache than what you would experience from breaking it off with him right now. Millions of women out there wish they had done this early when they still had the chance, before things like unplanned children entered the picture. I hope you make the right decision, but I also understand if you don't. I wouldn't listen to the closest people in my life when I was in love with an addict, let alone some stranger on the internet.

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    I had that experience it was never you it always was him he had a problem and he used you as an excuse it's his own problem it's not yours you can tell him it hurts you but he has to make the decision to stop

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    I totally agree with previous answers, it was never about you, don't let him blame you for his use of drugs, or make you feel guilty, you can redirect him to "youth against drug" or something of that sort, but he has to make the decision that he wants to quit.

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    I dont think you can do it by yourself, you meed to convince him to go get professional help from somewhere. Maybe give him a few different options to make it easier for him to say yes to getting help.

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    search a rehab centre for him

  • 6 years ago

    break up

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