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Snehafication asked in PetsCats · 7 years ago

My kitten worries me :( What is the matter with him? Please help?

I adopted 2 kittens 5 days ago(8 weeks old)

The female kitty has pot-shaped/bloated tummy and is skinny, i wondered if she has worms in her tummy, but she is social, playful, active, eats well, sleeps well, litter trained in 2 days itself! she poops normally too. so what could it be?

The male kitty is too silent, shy, hiding all the time, not curious or wild about toys or moving objects, doesn't actively go crazy over anything, hardly meows, he lets us hold him. feed him, take him to the litter box, but like all other cats, he doesn't HIDE his poop in the litter, which isn't normal. he isnt confident! he is scared to climb the bed/ jump off the bed (the female kitten does it all!). He is not daring, not aggressive, not energetic. But sleeps normally & eats normally. But he is a little constipated! may be due to stress/anxiety?

He usually goes and sits/sleeps in gaps somewhere in the room, where its hard to find him and call him out.

He lets me softly pet him and roams around the house, but again ending up hiding somewhere, WHY? :( what is bothering him? is he in pain? is it physical pain or mental?

He is not skinny & has never vomited, but his behavioral symptoms kinda match to that of worms in tummy.

P.S after he eats, he silently goes & hides until he has to poop, then after he poops, he plays a little with his sister. can this mean that while digesting, he feels pain? or he is just a super shy kitty? or does he have some mentally dumb? :(



(typo correction : ....shy kitty? or is he mentally ill or dumb?)*

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  • 7 years ago
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    What a pretty kitten! Both your kittens are normal. They just have different personalities. The female is more outgoing. The male is a little more shy. He will probably gain confidence as he gets older. Also, a lot of cats don't cover their poop after they go. Both your kittens probably have worms, the female just probably has more worms or else is more affected by them. They really need to see the vet to get their first shot and to get dewormed.

  • 7 years ago

    No, he is too young to be labeled shy.

    Deworm your kittens and be sure they get their kitten shots.

    He will develop self confidence and cover his poop as time goes on. Praise him when he goes in the box.

    If you had adopted the kittens from a shelter, they would have been spayed/neutered and dewormed and socialized.

    I work very hard to be sure all my kittens are healthy and ready for their new homes. I don't feel that your kittens are.

    Source(s): foster mom of cats/kittens
  • 7 years ago

    kittens are normal but the male one is shy so give him some time to adjust and to make himself comfortable with his new surrounding and just Deworm your kittens

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