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Jonathan asked in PetsFish · 7 years ago

Discus: Any Tips? Do you NEED Hiding places?

Hi! I have a 75 gallon tank with a fluval 406 filter. I'm thinking of starting a bare bottom tank with 6 discus. I will need some help though..... I have a few questions:

-What is a good water change schedule for discus?

-What is the best diet for discus?

-Do discus fish NEED decoration and hiding places? (I dont really like driftwood on bare bottom)

-Are there any good books on discus?

-What is your thoughts on using RO water and a UV sterilizer (I have a green killing machine) with discus?

-Are there any more tips for a new discus keeper?

That's basically it! Thanks for answering! (I think I asked too many questions LOL 😊)

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    1. discus owners vary in their care including water change intervals, some do it every freakin day which would drive me nuts.

    twice a month or weekly, should be ok if the tank is set up properly, cycled properly and has a low fish load.

    (6 adult discus is a high fish load for that tank, it will be fine until they start to grow, then you may have to increase the water change frequency)

    2. variety of foods including frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp and beef heart. If you search online there's a lot of suggestions for how to prepare the best diet for them.

    3. fish like cover, plants etc. but yes, you can acclimate discus to a bare tank if you only have a few of them and they've been acclimated together.

    4. there's tons of books and info on discus. But ignore people who've had them for a few months, look for long term keepers.

    5. RO water will increase your chances of success, but you may have to add one of the additives recommended for discus water.

    However, an alternative is to mix RO with dechlorinated tap water depending on other factors, such as what water they're in when you buy them. No change should be made suddenly and they can be acclimated to harder water, just not super hard water..

    UV is ok if the flow rate is proper through the unit as it will kill parasites etc. Algae is not a problem because algae is not harmful in any way

    6. there's many tricks and tips to keeping discus since they are one of the hardest freshwater fish to keep. Again, online are many people who are nuts about discus.

    note: get more filtration, like the largest Emperor filter and add it to your set up. Not some crappy filter like Aqueon or most of the rest.

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