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Game of Thrones books?

So I have seen all seasons of game of thrones that are currently out, 1, 2 , 3 and 4. Although the last episode of season four will be out in a few days. And after that is out I will have to wait about 9 months for season 5! Luckily I am a slow reader so I have decided to read the books while I am waiting. But I only want to read the books that cover seasons one two three and four. So my question is which of the books cover the seasons one to four I don't want to ruin season 5! And also, how many seasons will there be and how many books will there be? And one last question. Is it true that the person who is writing game of thrones is dying? Thanks.

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    You could definitely read the first three books without spoilers. I think the fourth book would probably have some spoilers, but I'm not sure.

    I'm not sure how many seasons of game of thrones there will be.

    The author of the books, George R R Martin, has said that he intended to write 7 books in the series, but he may have to make it 8 to fit everything.

    Do you mean the author if the books or the writer of the show. I cannot say for the writer of the show, but if you are talking about George R R Martin, then no, I don't think he's dying, he's just a bit old. Since he takes so long to write the books, some fans say he's going to die before he can finish them. But even if he were to die, he has the plot all written out and a back up writer to finish the books for him.

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