♀♂ Thoughts On The Top 10 UK Names?

What are your thoughts on the Top 10 baby boy and baby girl names of 2013 in the UK?

- Girls -

♀ Olivia

♀ Emily

♀ Sophia

♀ Lily

♀ Isabella

♀ Isabelle

♀ Amelia

♀ Isla

♀ Sophie

♀ Ava

- Boys -

♂ Oliver

♂ Jack

♂ Charlie

♂ Harry

♂ Oscar

♂ Thomas

♂ Jacob

♂ Ethan

♂ Noah

♂ James

Please tell me what you think of each name and be as detailed as you can. Tell me your honest thoughts and opinions of them and the more detailed you are the better your chance is at getting the BA :)


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  • 6 years ago
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    - Girls -

    ♀ Olivia - (7/10)

    I do like the name Olivia but not to the extent that I would ever use or consider it for any child of mine. It's pretty and feminine, though the popularity is making it a very bland name.

    ♀ Emily - (9/10)

    I've always loved the name Emily, despite the popularity I still think it's a lovely name which I always love to hear. It's a great name for any age, I just love it though I would never use it personally.

    ♀ Sophia - (5/10)

    I don't know how I feel about Sophia, sometimes I like it but sometimes I don't. It's a lovely, feminine name but it also has a very annoying sound to it, at least I think it does.

    ♀ Lily - (9/10)

    I love Lily, I personally prefer Lillian with the nickname Lily but it is a stunning name regardless. I just love most flower names for girls, I think they're feminine, cute and just all round beautiful.

    ♀ Isabella - (6/10)

    I use to love this name but in the past year or so I have really gone off it. The popularity of the name has made it a really irritating name for me, I cringe at the sound of it though I do still think it's a pretty, feminine name, if that makes any sense.

    ♀ Isabelle - (7/10)

    Like Isabella, the popularity has killed off the appeal of this name for me, though I am still fond of the spelling Isobel. Though this once was a name I would of considered for a child, I definitley wouldn't any more.

    ♀ Amelia - (4/10)

    Amelia is a name I'm unsure about... I really like the name Emilia but really dislike Amelia... I don't understand why so many people are so crazy over the name Amelia. It's the name of a birth defect. Though hypocritically I do really like Emilia... Ugh I dunno!

    ♀ Isla - (9/10)

    I love the name Isla, it is such a pretty name and in all honesty I surprised that it has made the top 10 names as I've always thought it was pretty unique, lol. I've yet to meet an Isla so it's unqiue to me.

    ♀ Sophie - (5/10)

    I think it's quite bland, nothing very special about it. I grew up with a lot of Sophie's so it seems odd to me that it's still popular.

    ♀ Ava - (9/10)

    I think Ava is a beautiful name, so simple yet stunning. I have yet to meet an Ava so it's still pretty 'different' to me though due to the fact I know it is pretty popular I wouldn't use it myself.

    - Boys -

    ♂ Oliver - (2/10)

    I really dislike the name Oliver, I think it's so overused and overrated. I hate the fact it has the word "liver" in it too. I just don't see the appeal.

    ♂ Jack - (7/10)

    I do like Jack but at the same time I feel it's a little too nicknamey and short to be a stand alone name, it just feels incomplete to me though I really dislike Jackson. It's definitley cute and even ages well but there is something missing for me.

    ♂ Charlie - (7/10)

    I love Charles with the nickname Charlie but I can't really accept Charlie as a stand alone name. It's wonderful for a baby, child and even teenager but I struggle to see it on a grown man.

    ♂ Harry - (7/10)

    Like Charlie, I adore Harry as a nickname, particularly for Henry or Harrison but I just don't care for it as a stand alone name, it just doesn't hold much sophistication for a grown man, in my opinion.

    ♂ Oscar - (10/10)

    My all time favourite boys name! I have adored the name Oscar for so long, for years even. I always loved how uncommon it was, it's not something you hear every day (well at least 5 years ago it wasn't), I thinks a lovely handsome, charming, strong name which is perfect for all ages. I could go on and on about how much I love the name. I'm quite sad to see that it's so popular :(

    ♂ Thomas - (8/10)

    Thomas is a lovely name, very handsome just sadly overused and pretty bland.

    ♂ Jacob - (8/10)

    I use to love Jacob but while I still find it a very charming name I just don't love it as much as I use to, party because of how common it is and party because everyone seems to shorten the name to "Jake" which I hate!

    ♂ Ethan - (6/10)

    I've never cared for Ethan, it's not bad but not something that stands out to me as being particularly handsome or appealing.

    ♂ Noah - (6/10)

    I use to love Noah but the popularity of the name has totally killed the name for me, I'm so tired of hearing it.

    ♂ James - (9/10)

    I do love the name James very much, it's the definition of a timeless name, so handsome and strong and whilst it is a very common and overused name, I never get bored of hearing it.

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      Oh my gosh, why have I 3 thumbs down for answering the question asked? :S

  • ♀ Olivia - love this name it never really gets old its so pretty 7/10

    ♀ Emily - this is one of my favourite girls names i love it so much 9/10

    ♀ Sophia - never really been a huge fan of this name i much prefer Sophie 5/10

    ♀ Lily - this is another of my favourite girls names but i prefer he spelling Lilly 8/10

    ♀ Isabella - not really a huge fan of this name could almost say i dislike it its very common and over used 4/10

    ♀ Isabelle - i prefer this name to Isabella but i'm still not a huge fan 5/10

    ♀ Amelia - think this is a really pretty name not one of my faves though 6/10

    ♀ Isla - i absolutely love this name its so beautiful 10/10

    ♀ Sophie - love this name its so pretty but its also very common unfortunately 8/10

    ♀ Ava - love this name its so pretty 8/10

    - Boys -

    ♂ Oliver - this name is a classic cant not like it 7/10

    ♂ Jack - this is such a classic yet modern name 8/10

    ♂ Charlie - absolutely love this name its so awesome 9/10

    ♂ Harry - don't really like this name all the people i know with this name are all knobs 4/10

    ♂ Oscar - not a huge fan of this name 5/10

    ♂ Thomas - im a bit on the fence about this name because i love the nickname Tommy 6/10

    ♂ Jacob - actually really like this name its really modern but classic at the same time 7/10

    ♂ Ethan - really love this name 8/10

    ♂ Noah - absolutely love this name its one of the only biblical names i love 9/10

    ♂ James - love this name its so awesome and so classic 10/10

    hope this helps

    Ally <3

  • 6 years ago

    Olivia - 3.10 - It is cute, but it is too over used in my opinion.

    Emily - 4/10 - Pretty name, but kind of bland.

    Sophia - 1/10 - Too over used

    Lily - 9/10 - I love this name. It is pretty and ages very well.

    Isabella - 0/10 - Over used.

    Isabelle 0/10 - Over used

    Amelia - 8/10 - Very nice name. Ages well

    Isla - 8/10 - Really nice name.

    Sophie - 6/10 - Better than Sophia but still over used.

    Ava - 4/10 - Pretty name, too bland in my opinion.

    Oliver - 9/10 - I absolutely adore this name

    Jack - 4/10 - Cute name but I think it sounds better on a dog than a child.

    Charlie - 0/10 - I prefer Charles to Charlie. It would be a good nickname but not a formal name

    Harry - 8/10 - Very nice name. I really think that it will age nicely, the only problem I can see is finding a middle name that goes nicely with it.

    Oscar - 0/10 - I really don't like this name.

    Thomas -5/0 - To me this is a better middle name rather than a first name.

    Jacob - 9/10 - I love this name. It is a family name so I am kind of biased towards it.

    Ethan - 7/10 - I like this name but it is not one of my favorites.

    Noah - 3/10 - I am not a huge fan of this name. But it isn't horrible.

    James -1/10 - Too overused

  • 6 years ago

    Olivia: Much too common. I imagined it would be out of style by now. It sounds very baby-ish to me.

    Emily: Same here with the baby-ish-ness. It's almost whiny. Don't get me wrong, though, it isn't awful; I've heard much worse.

    Sophia: Beautiful, a little sophisticated. Very little girl-ish though, once again.

    Lily: Well, this is a nickname for Lillian. Lillian is okay, a bit "plain Jane" if you ask me, but at least it's proved to be timeless.

    Isabella: Probably one of my favorite girl names. Again, timeless, and beautiful, and will age well. Most Isabella's I can think of have good personalities, so I guess it's good that there is now an abundance of them!

    Amelia: Reminds me of The Sound of Music. I don't know, am I the only one who read Amelia Bedilia (?) books as a kid? I'm pretty sure she was like totally eccentric, so that kind of throws me off. Other than that, it is a pretty name.

    Isla: I just don't see the appeal here. Maybe it would flow nicely with super long middle and/or last names, but it just strikes the wrong chord with me.

    Sophie: My only issue is that I had this dog once, her name was Sophie, and she had sticky eyes and gnarly teeth. Not a pretty picture. And I immediately think of her when I hear the name, so I could never use it.

    Ava: This used to be my favorite girl name, but since it has grown to be so insanely common, it's lost the effect it once had on me. I remember the first time I heard it, I thought it was beautiful and would age well and was so unique! That's all gone for me, now.


    Oliver: I think of Oliver from Hannah Montana. And I'm pretty sure there's some super old American novel with a character named Oliver, I just can't remember it right now. So yeah, old and trendy at the same time.

    Jack: I love this name! I actually don't hear it much, but it's a classic. And very masculine.

    Charlie: Really, this is a nickname for Charles. I love both. It is traditional and sweet without losing a sense of strength and masculinity.

    Harry: Hairy.

    Oscar: ...Meyer Weiner. Hot dogs. My friend has a Dachshund named Oscar, and it pees everywhere. And it makes me think of old men who reek of cheese. Not sure why.

    Thomas: Guys named Thomas always seem to be charming, unless they go by Tommy. I hate Tommy, and I'm not too sure how I feel about the sound of the name Thomas, but I like it for the people who I know that have it.

    Jacob: It's definitely overused, but I still adore this name. Timeless and traditional, and will age well. I like the nickname Jake as well, and the spelling Jakob.

    Ethan: I have loved this name since I was really young. I don't actually know why, because I've never known anyone with the name, but I think it sounds nice. It's a bit more modern without being too trendy. And it still sounds pretty masculine to me.

    Noah: I loved this name ever since I saw The Notebook, but before that I thought it sounded very girly.

    James: I can never decide my opinion on James. I think it's best as a middle name, to kind of create an even flow between long first and last names. It's very plain.


    My favorites from the lists are definitely Isabella and Jacob.

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  • 6 years ago

    I like Olivia, Sophia, Isabella, Isabelle (prefer the spelling Isobel) I'm not keen on the other names, they are all too common. The boys names I like Noah, Oscar and Ethan

  • 6 years ago

    I really like them especially the boys' names I like Oliver, Harry, Oscar, Jack, and Charlie the most.

    From the girls' top names I like Amelia and Isabelle the most.

  • 6 years ago


    •Olivia - I like this name, but it is becoming very over used so it is getting a little boring to me. However, I love the nicknames Olive, Liv, or Livvie.

    Rate: 7/10

    •Emily - Very overused, but I like how it sort of has its own sound. I know it sounds somewhat like Amelia (in a way) or Amelie, but it's better than having so many names that rhyme with it...

    (Sadie + Katie --- Holly + Molly + Polly --- Sara + Kara, etc.) Lots of people say they don't like this name because of it's popularity, but think about if it wasn't popular would you like the name?

    Rate: 5/10

    •Sophia - I like it as more of a middle name, but I wouldn't use it for a first name. I just don't really care for this name, I don't really know why.

    Rate: 4/10

    •Lily - This is so cute for a middle or first name. It's always been a favorite of mine :)

    Rate: 9/10

    •Isabella: Love the name, but hate it's popularity. So pretty and classic. I love the nickname Bella, but again, it's so popular!

    Rate: 10/10

    •Isabelle - Pretty, but I like Isabella better.

    Rate: 8/10

    •Amelia - I love all the nicknames that come with this name, but I wouldn't use this name for my daughter, because there was a brat in my school with this name, and that what I think about when I hear this name, you know? Lovely name though.

    Rate: 8/10

    •Isla - Love it! One my absolute favorites. I don't know why, but I love it's meaning (island) and I just this it's so pretty!

    Rate: 10/10

    •Sophie - Like it, but don't love it. I like Sophia a bit better, Sophie seems a bit plain and bland.

    Rate: 3/10

    •Ava - I love this name! It's so elegant, yet so simple in my opinion. Gorgeous! ^_^

    Rate: 10/10

    Sorry, but I don't have time for the boys :(

    Edit: I'm back now to do the boys! :D


    •Oliver - This name actually isn't popular at all where I live! I love this name, it ages really well and looks good on any age. Masculine, yet sweet.

    Rate: 10/10

    •Jack - I like it more as a nickname for Jackson. I don't like it as the whole first name. It's too short for my taste.

    Rate: 3/10

    •Charlie - Another favorite of mine! I read a book, and the main character's name was Charlie, and it made me love it even more. This name makes me think of a smart and intelligent boy.

    Rate: 9/10

    •Harry - Every time I hear this name it just makes me think of the word "hairy", because well... it is! I cannot understand why parents would name their child hairy!

    Rate: 0/10

    •Oscar - I cannot imagine a person with this name :\ It just makes me think of Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street from growing up. It just doesn't appeal to me.

    Rate: 0/10

    •Thomas - This name has always seemed very plain and boring to me, and I don't like Tom or Tommy for the nicknames.

    Rate: 3/10

    •Jacob - the "kuh" sound in the middle of names bother me for some reason (Rebecca, Brooklyn, etc.). I don't know why, that's just how I feel.

    Rate: 2/10

    •Ethan - Boring in my opinion, and I just don't care for it that much.

    Rate: 1/10

    •Noah - Such a great name! So masculine and strong. All I can say is, wonderful name :)

    Rate: 10/10

    •James - I don't like how most James' just go by Jim or Jimmy (which I don't like either of). But I don't like James by itself for some reason.

    Rate: 3/10

  • 6 years ago

    Girls -

    ♀ Olivia - 10/10 its a classic and its beautiful

    ♀ Emily - 8/10 its cute but overused

    ♀ Sophia - 10/10 another classic very feminine

    ♀ Lily -10/10 so pretty and dainty

    ♀ Isabella - 10/10 its a beautiful name but very overused

    ♀ Isabelle - 10/10 not as overused as Isabella

    ♀ Amelia - 10/10 I love this classic

    ♀ Isla - 8/10 its pretty but I don't love it

    ♀ Sophie - 9/10 very cute but I like it better as a nickname to Sophia

    ♀ Ava - 10/10 gorgeous name

    - Boys -

    ♂ Oliver - 10/10 very cute

    ♂ Jack - 8/10 its cute just not a favorite of mine

    ♂ Charlie - 9/10 I like it as a nickname to Charles

    ♂ Harry -10/10 what a fun name

    ♂ Oscar - 10/10 I love it

    ♂ Thomas -10/10 one of my favorites its a great name

    ♂ Jacob - 10/10 handsome name and ages well

    ♂ Ethan - 10/10 another classic can't go wrong with this super cute name

    ♂ Noah - 10/10 seems to pretty popular right now but it's a great name

    ♂ James - 10/10 I love it has cute nicknames and ages well

    I love classics!



  • 6 years ago

    Boring for the most part.

    I hate common names and have one myself.

    My name ranked #2 in the year I was born.

    I really dislike Oscar and Harry and Isla.

    I like Amelia, Ethan and Thomas best.

    Oscar the grouch...sesame street.

    Harry and The Hendersons.

    Isla... It's said how it looks and looks incomplete spelling for Island.

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