windows 7 bootcamp help?

I'm currently running windows 7 with bootcamp and i cannot only get my mouse to work properly (right click doesn't work nor scroll) and i cannot connect to the internet even though I've used an external networking card – i wanted to use windows to play games on steam and too get into coding – i dont have an OS cd for osx mavericks (the version of osx I'm running) i was wondering how to get a version of this and i figured its a problem with drivers or the lack thereof more likely or even do it without a disc. i really dont know what to do and i dont have a spare thumb drive big enough to mess around with (i only have one big enough and i dont want to give it up to this – the other is only 1gb) so all i really need is a better solution than finding or buying an osx 10.9 disc.


hey i could really use some help

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