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Morgan asked in PetsOther - Pets · 6 years ago

Rabbit Cage Ideas?

So, I've had my rabbits living in a DIY NIC condo for about 6 months now. Its great because it has lots of space and they have plenty of room to play, but it's so hard to clean due to having to move the large and heavy second floor out of the way. Also, the cage is in my room and makes it look kind of sloppy and dirty.

I have an option to take apart the NIC condo and make it into some sort of playpen and my dad can build me a more lightweight loft. I'd like a design for the cage that makes it look cute but also give the rabbits enough space to play. Their currect cage is in the bak corner of my room. :)

If you can help me out with a design, that would be awesome!!!

Videos, pics, and drawings would definitely help! My favorite design gets best answer!!:)

Thanks so much to anyone who answers!!

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  • 6 years ago
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    MusicIsLife has a beautiful set-up (and is a fellow rabbitsonline member!)

    You could also take a look for ideas here:

    I'm not sure how you made your NIC condo, but I also had a 3-story condo. I never had to move any levels in order to clean it. I just used a shop vac on the upper, carpeted levels. Maybe it is more the way you put it together (there are many ways to build a NIC). I didn't have any wood in mine. I also made sure I had easy access doorways.

    Here is a photo of my old NIC cage. I don't use mine anymore either. My rabbits are also free range all day. My site (linked below) gives tips on free-ranging.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Here is a cage I made before, pretty roomy 4.6' x 7' and also a second shelf which adds more room. My rabbits are now free range though so I don't use that cage anymore

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