Survey for religious people: Please answer?

1. To those who believe in something involving an afterlife: Would you still be spiritually "active" if there were no afterlife?

2. Faith is believing in something without proof. You agree there is no proof, correct? if not, please explain your view on this.

3. What reasons do you have that all other religions on this planet are false and yours is the "true" one? If you answered "Yes" to number 2 then you don't have to answer this question.

4. Do you agree that "sex without marriage" can influence a religious individual to count that as too important a factor when getting married? A sexually active person who decides to get married will have sex as less of a motivator to get married since they are already receiving it. They wouldn't be "rewarded" with sex.

5. What kind of drugs have you done throughout your life? (not really relevant but I felt like throwing a random question in here)


I messed up what I wanted to write on #4 as it was supposed to be "No sex before marriage" instead of "sex without marriage."

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  • Galena
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    1. If there was no afterlife we wouldn't exist. Everything has an afterlife.

    2.Faith is believing in something unseen, not unproven.

    3.Christianity outlines our existence from beginning to end. Christianity disanulls all other deities as false within the pages of the bible where other religions only glorify their specific deity.

    4. A Christian looks at marriage as a sacred connection, not as a reason to have sex.

    5. none of your business ; )

  • 7 years ago

    1. sure, otherwise he wouldn't leave presents on christmas

    2. yep, there's no proof. I often believe things with no proof, like "sure baby, I love you"

    3. I'm still answering even though I said yep to number 2. I'm smarter than everyone else and I know my beliefs are the one true one.

    4. I'll take it any way I can get it, within certain requirements.

    5. ohhhh, and you want me to say this on an open forum

    I'm not tripping hard enough to be fooled into doing that.


  • 7 years ago

    I usually don't allow myself to stoop so low. Oh well.

    1) Yes, stupid question, we are promised an afterlife.

    2)You being there and able to ask these questions is proof there is a God.

    3)I don't know if they are correct or not. But, I believe mine is correct.

    4)Nothing but prescription or over the counter..

  • 7 years ago

    #1 question sort of nulls itself out. How can I believe in an Afterlife if there was NO Afterlife and I knew it? I have no apples on my table and I know that, so I would not believe there was apples on my table. sort of nulls the question. So WHY would I be spiritually active, if I KNEW there was no afterlife?

    #2 question is believing without proof, otherwise it would NOT be called Faith. It would be called proof and no longer a belief. As for proof, I DO have proof, but not that which anyone one who does not want to accept it, would accept it. Professor Krauss would NOT accept God Himself as proof if God was to show Himself to Krauss, because Krauss does NOT want to believe. So he won't.

    I know there are Spirits (ghosts) because of interactions with some, and with family and friends seeing them. I also know Angels exist, because of family members interacting with angels. And so, because of these spirits and Angels, I no longer need to believe in God, I know God exists, because the After Life exists.

    #3. God does NOT choose any religion, but allows all, because they all lead to Him. Mine is not the "true", they ALL are true and of God. It is the people within each, that are judged, NOT the religion nor denomination.

    #4 I won't debate Sex without marriage, that is an individual opinion, just as choosing which church to go to. It is up to God to make judgment, not me. But thinking that getting married just for sex, is the wrong way to think about marriage.

    Source(s): #5 left blank.
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  • 7 years ago

    1. Probably not. A loving God like ours would not be so loving if there were no afterlife with Him in paradise...a god like that would be completely different from ours.

    2. Yes. Seek a personal relarionship with him and you will find out :)

    3. Seek and you shall recieve. Like #2, you will recieve answers you couldnt have attained without Him

    4. Not sure I understand the question. But I believe sex is a major tool of the devil...for example just look how much of a role it has in america alone...warch television for 30 min amd just count how many things pop up that are sexual or at least make your mind wander towards sex. Sex is such a beautiful thing between two married ppl (your best friend, partner in life) why not wait to be that close tosomebody with the person your are going to love beyond measure for the rest of your life? But beyond that, the beautiful thing about our Lord is no matter your past He loves you and just wants a personal relationship with you...take Paul for example.

  • 7 years ago

    1. In my religion there's no official doctrine on an afterlife. It's about how we live, not what may or may not come after. A lot of people believe in reincarnation or some kind of afterlife, but there are no guarantees. There may not be. That doesn't change anything for me, since there's no promise of reward or punishment anyway. If there is an afterlife, we all simply move on.

    2. Of course I agree. Things I have faith in are based on personal, subjective experiences. I can't prove it to anyone else. Furthermore I don't feel the need to prove it. If my Gods want you to know they exist, they are better equipped than I to make Themselves known to you.

    3. I don't believe other religions are false. All religions are man-made ways to reach out to something seen as greater than ourselves, or to express certain spiritual beliefs. i may not agree with everything in every other religion, but I believe that they are all sincere expressions of belief, in which case they're all true in their own way (even if all beliefs are not true).

    4. My religion has no issues with sex outside marriage. There are no prohibitions against healthy sexual relationships.

    5. None really. Occasionally I have a drink. I like caffeine. And occasionally prescription meds (though I always opt for natural home remedies when I can).

  • Ray
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    1. Without an afterlife, there would be no god, as I see it.

    2. You do not understand the word faith. Here is Father Barron to explain why I disagree with you:

    Youtube thumbnail

    3. Because there is only one God, the essence of Being, not just a being.

    4. No, that is far too simplistic of a concept of motivation. I see this mistake a lot, though. People are too complex for that.

    5. I have never done any illegal substances.

  • 7 years ago

    1. Yes. Christianity rewards not only in the afterlife but in the current life we live.

    2. Faith biblically is only used to describe belief in Jesus Christ, who is the author and finisher of our faith. Faith is rooted in the same word used for belief; but is only accurately rendered faith when referencing Jesus Christ.

    3. I believe all religions have their truth. But one God reigns supreme. Many religions have a angels and devils; I believe that God is in all things good and done free of will. The devil is in all things malevolent as well as against ones will. The devil is referenced as "The God of this World". Who is to say his hand is not in other religions to cloud goodness. All religions do contain their own truth though. I just believe mine is more complete in teaching than any other religion. I believe that the Judaism and Christianity hold the surest ways to reaping the benefits of the afterlife and current life.

    4. I don't believe sex has anything to do with marriage really. Biblically it is the joinin of two souls to make one complete human. Part of man was given to women so that he would seek that which he missed. It is more of an emotional concept than a sexual. Sex is a bonus. God said that which he places together no man can tear asunder. If God bound you with another it will last and never fail. Sex was in no way a motivator for my marriage. I really don't care if I have sex or not. I have a high level of self control, I rarely ever break from my rigid nature.

    5. No drugs, unless you count a small glass of alcohol every 9-12 months. I come from a family of drug addicts and alcoholics. If I lose control of my actions and lifestyle I would be in the same boat. Self control is key. I have never decided to do any other drugs. The negatives are too costly for my rational mind...

  • 7 years ago

    1. I don't believe we should do things just for the reward; however, if we knew there was no afterlife that would be cause for a change in belief and possibly belief structure. I do believe that I would try to do good for others even without the concept of heaven.

    2. I believe in a revealed religion. The proof is woven into existence itself.

    3. I believe in good and evil and it is often too difficult to discern which side someone is aligned with just based on the name on the church door.

    4. No, sex without marriage is just another incentive to never marry. The rewards for staying single and therefore avoiding both bad marriages and the consequences of divorce will soon end this institution.

    5. I experimented as a younger man with various substances

  • Rocket
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    1.) I don't know if there is any sort of afterlife. I hope though that everyone I love, when they die their energy goes somewhere where they are safe/happy. In a way they are still alive/exist through energy. ( memories )

    2.) Faith. There are many teachings I have read in Buddhism and Hinduism that I have faith in. I trust these teaching and have confidence that they hold true. I disagree that all the teachings I have read there is no proof to what they are teaching being true. Especially when the teachings are on morals.

    3.) I don't believe any other religions to be untrue. I believe them to be just as true as the next.

    4.) It could be true for some, but not everyone.

    5.) Marijuana, mushrooms and acid. ( acid was the nicest by far )

    Source(s): I don't consider myself religious - I just found this question fun. Thanks.
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