London Sales 2015?

We are thinking of coming to London for January Sales 2015.

Can anyone explain to me the dates of Sales please?

Will sale starts in Boxing Day, and last the whole month of January?

Or there will be specific dates in January for sale dates?

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    I'm sure you realise that there are no 'official' rules for things like that. Some (maybe most?) retailers start on Boxing Day, but some start already before Xmas, ie. whenever they think most people will have done their Xmas shopping. Meanwhile others start only in January. Some go on for weeks, others for only a few days. With some of them the best bargains are to be had on the opening day of the sale, with others the discounts get heavier towards the end (although probably at the same time the selection and the quality get worse). But if you aim for the few days between Xmas and New Year, you'll probably get the best overall experience (or worst, from the point of view of someone like me whose worst nightmare is shopping on any day, let alone during the sales!).

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    London January Sales

  • snafu
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    7 years ago

    January sales have been starting earlier and earlier, ie in December in the lead up to Christmas. However the economy is picking up and this may affect retailers dates for the sales.

    Boxing Day has been traditionally seen as the start of the sales. Although not all retailers start then. If you know which shops you want to go to specific sale information is made available on their websites.

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    7 years ago

    They start on Boxing day and if you are not there when the shops open you will not get anything, it is like a freestyle fight to get the stuff. I really wouldn't bother, there are not shops in London that you don't get in other parts of the county and they all have the same stuff at the same price.

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