Old School vs. New School part 3. Which of these Pro Wrestlers would win if they faced each other?

For true fans of Pro Wrestling, who would win these matches if these matches older wrestlers were in there prime?

1) Madusa Miceli, Wendi Richter, and Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim, OBD, and Mia Yim

2) Harley Race vs. Tripple H (Not new school, but still an active wrestler)

3) Tommy Rich vs. Adam Cole

4) Baron Von Raschke, Butch Miller, and Luke Williams vs. Matt Hardy, Jay and Mark Briscoe

5) *Randy Savage vs. Chris Hero

6) *The Ulitimate Warrior vs. Scott Stinner(Not quite new school, but he's still an active wrestler)

7) Buddy Landel and *Gino Hernandez vs. The Miz and Frankie Kazarian

8) Lanny Poffo vs. Damien Sandow

9) Austin Idol vs. John Morrison

10) *Eddie Gilbert vs. Christopher Daniels

11) Steve Kern(of The Fabalous Ones) and Bobby Fulton(of The Fantastics) vs. Curtis Axcel(Joe Hennig) and Crimson

12) Jake Roberts vs. Jimmy Jacobs

13) *Bruiser Brody, Rick Stinner, and Dan Spivey vs. Luke Harper, Erik Rowan, and Shawn Hernandaz

14) Ricky Steamboat vs. MVP

15) Diamond Dallas Page vs. Eric Young

16) Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson(The Rock-n-Roll Express), Bobby Eaton, Dennis CondreyThe Midnight Express) vs. RVD, Alex Shelly, Ediie Edwards and Davey Richards(The American Wolves)

17) Chyna, *Luna Vachon, *Sherri Martel, Bull Nakano, and Mt. Fiji vs. Natalya Neidhart, Tamina Snuka, Jazz, Amazing Kong, and Lei'D Tapa

18) Ron Simons vs. Antonio Ceesaro

19) Shawn Michaels vs. Bobby Roode

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    1) Madusa Miceli, Wendi Richter, and Trish Stratus, even though I'd love to see a Yim-Kim team-up. Madusa's a true badass, Wendi's the original diva, and Trish is the Hulk Hogan of women's wrestling. I love this match, but team Legend has the advantage.

    2) Triple H. Never liked Harley

    3) I'm not a fan of either Wildfire or Cole's, but I'll say Cole.

    4) Hardy and the Briscoes, although I like the idea of the Briscoes facing the Bushwhackers.

    5) Savage, in a damn good battle of the Elbow's

    6) Steiner. I don't think Warrior would be able to press slam him. It could be a draw when both blew up though

    7) Team Miz-Kaz. I like Landell, but Wasn't a Hernandez fan.

    8) Sandow, because he does the gimmick better

    9) I don't know Austin Idol. You've stumped me on one

    10) I'd love this match, too. I'll say Hotstuff beats the Fallen Angel. Both two very underrated men in their times.

    11) I'll say Hennig, simply because out of all of these meh tag team workers, Hennig still has a chance lol

    12) Jake, although the promos leading into that match would be awesome

    13) Luke Harper, Erik Rowan, and Shawn Hernandaz, but man...that'd be brutal.

    14) Ricky Steamboat

    15) DDP. EY v. DDP would be an OK match. Young's the better worker, but DDP is the bigger star. I could see EY going for the Young Blood Neckbreaker and eating a Diamond Cutter out of nowhere.

    16) Rock n' Roll and Midnight Express. Interesting match, though. A whole lot of good tag workers in that one.

    17) The youngsters would get it. Sherri was a tough woman, and so is every woman in that match, but I think she'd be the weak link in that hardcore pit of women, which is by no means an insult. Sherri could bump and sell with the best.

    18) DAMN!...Antonio Ceesaro

    19) Two guys with out-of-nowhere finishers in the Sweet Chin Music and the Northern Lariat, both are privy to Sharpshooters and Crippler Crossfaces, both are diverse in the ring...damn this would be a good match...I'll say Roode, simply because no one else will, and Roode deserves to be counted among guys like HBK as a great worker.

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  • 6 years ago

    1. Madusa, Richter and Trish

    2. Triple H

    3. Tommy Rich

    4. Hardy and The Briscoes

    5. Randy Savage

    6. Ultimate Warrior

    7. Miz and Kazarian

    8. Damien Sandow

    9. John Morrison

    10. Christopher Daniels

    11. Kern and Fulton

    12. Jake Roberts

    13. Brody, Steiner and Spivey

    14. Ricky Steamboat

    15. Diamond Dallas Page

    16. Rock N Roll Express and Midnight Express

    17. Chyna, Luna, Sherri, Nakano and ?

    18. Cesaro

    19. Shawn Michaels

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