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I'm buying a new skateboard online?

Does this sound like a reliable skateboard? I'm buying it off amazon.


This is a Complete Pro Skateboard, Which Comes Fully Assembled. Inluded is the Checkered Deck, Aluminim Black Gloss Trucks, 52mm Rubber Wheels, Abec 7 Bearings, 1" Hardware, Black Griptape

The reviews are mostly 5 stars and people really like it and it's a 7.75 in size.

How does it sound for a beginning skater? Please answer, thanks

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    I think you can build a complete at for around $75 and get free shipping. Everything is gonna be better this way.

    In buying a cheap complete, here is the typical assembly: The bearings could have heavy lithium grease. The trucks could have hard bushings making it difficult to turn. The deck will snap sooner. Just overall poorer quality. You'll see it in the trucks, hardware, griptape, assembly, etc.

    For a beginner you definitely want to go cheap but not too cheap where the skateboard falls apart on you and then give up on one of the hardest tricks to learn, the Ollie. Everything you can get on skatewarehouse is top quality, just look for the better deal.

    I suggest: mini logo or SW blank deck 7.75", the cheapest truck from Thunder or Royal or Venture, spitfire classic wheels 51mm, mini logo bearings. Stick the stickers to the deck and ready to roll, no graphics needed. And I never liked paint on the trucks.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    i think it is good you should get it. for begginers

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