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i feel like I'm Charlie in the book perks of being a wall flower?

I'm sad and happy at the same time. I get anxiety attacks and feel out of control but I don't think I could kill my self because I wouldn't do that too my family.. old what's wrong with me. I feel alone. Like I'll be at a movie with my family and be thinking why an I here. And should I start here?


Idk* am* stay*

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    Charlie has depression. It sounds like you have depression, too. If your only reason for not killing yourself is because you couldn't do that to your family, you need to step back and access how much you're enjoying life. It sounds like not a lot. Depression can be caused by many things, but it can also be fixed by many things. Exercise, medication, therapy, etc. I would consider going to a doctor and talking to them about it. They can help you figure out what to do.

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    I agree with Emma. I personally felt like Charlie a lot through out the last two years, especially when I started high school, so I get how you feel. I promise you though that if you tell somebody how you feel, it'll get better. Don't give up hope.

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