Male friend jealous of smart and gentleman-like celebrity and fictional crushes (while he's totally fine with the "hot" ones)?

We are almost a couple with this guy, but lately he's been acting weird. He is okay with my crushes as long as I like them for how they look (because he probably knows that I really don't care about appearance and this is as abstract as admiring art for me).

However, when my favorite celebrity happens to be intelligent, well-read, a succesful writer/producer/actor, knows more than 2 languages or anything like that, he loses his ****.

I am not babbling about these people like a fangirl, but for example he himself asked me which guy from the Inglorious Bastards I find the hottest and when I said that "Chris Waltz, duh" he got really angry.

I seriously feel like we shouldn't see each other anymore, but maybe it's not a reason to reject him? Why do you think he acts like that? I mean there must be something more, he can't be upset because I prefer Anthony Hopkins over Channing Tatum or Littlefinger over Jon Snow in GoT.


Well, the main problem is that I've known him for quite a while and I always thought he is a normal, nice guy. This is a very unusual behaviour. Or maybe he started to care about me more and that's why I only see it now?

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    he sounds extremely insecure and juvenile.

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