In my a bandwagoner?

Here's the teams I'm a fan of:

*LA Lakers

*LA Kings

*LA Galaxy

*LA Dodgers


The reason why I'm not a fan of the Angels aka The Halos, because they are mostly from Anaheim then Los Angeles. I never liked the Clippers not because they are underdogs, but they suck with no history. So in my or not? And yes I'm from LA.

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    Well, if you lived there, I would not say you are. I mean I consider a bandwagoner someone that has no known history of living or residing in a place where the teams are at. Well, wait, that was hypocritical on my part. 49ers is in San Francisco, so you would be on the bandwagon for them. Los Angeles Lakers, believe it or not, use to NOT be a Los Angeles team. It use to be the Minnesota Lakers. So you could, persay, be a bandwagon fan for them as well. Clippers were originally the REAL Los Angeles basketball team.

    All in all, I consider someone a bandwagon fan if 1.) they are not favoring a team that is not from their area as well as 2.) favoring a team that always wins rather than a team that actually is from their area.

  • If you're a LA resident or grew up in LA, I don't see a problem.

  • 7 years ago

    No according to these people you are only a bandwagon when you cheer for the heat

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