What are the different types of immunity. Cite them and cite a specific example for each type.?

Please elaborate through each type of immunity in order for me to place this in my final written examination.

I will award 10pts to the best and clear answer.

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    Natural active: Occurs during infection. It is active because lymphocytes are activated by antigens on pathogen's surface.

    Artificial active: Injecting or taking antigens by mouth. Takes time for T and B cells to be activated but gives long lasting immunity.- eg. vaccines.

    Natural passive: Mother to child through placenta or milk.

    Artificial passive: Used during potentially fatal diseases. Provides an instant response but only temporary as antibodies are not the body's own so memory cells are not created. E.g. tetanus - injection of antitoxins given.

    Memory cells are only produced in active immunity.

    Protection for active immunity is permanent whereas in passive immunity it is only temporary.

    Antigens are only encountered in active immunity.

    Active immunity takes several weeks to become active but passive is immediate.

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    -Innate: non-specific, responds to any pathogen or antigen, includes natural killer cells, mechanisms like fever and inflammation, as well as barriers like the skin and mucous membranes.

    -Adaptive: specific, body recognizes specific pathogens from past encounters and responds to them quickly and efficiently.

    -Humoral: uses B cells and antibodies. used for small pathogens like bacteria and viruses

    -Cell-mediated: uses T cells. used for large pathogens like infected cells and cancer cells

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