What should I do? 10 pts!!!!?

Hello, I was wondering if any of you could help me with my problem.

I have a boyfriend and we have been dating for 11 months now but I feel like we havent had much of a spark between us anymore. We havent been talking much and I just feel.. like theres nothing left. He says he still loves me with all of his heart but the thing is I'm starting to lose feelings for him.

The reason why is because 1) I met some other guy and he has a huge crush on me. We've been hanging out for some time and he makes me so happy and, 2) because of what I have been feeling for him.

I'm starting to like my friend instead of my boyfriend but, I dont want to hurt my boyfriend. I dont want to tell him that I like somebody else. I really dont want to break his heart because he has been through some tough relationships in the past and I know that if I tell him that he will be completely crushed. I'm not that type of person to hurt people.

So please, How should I tell him? What should I do? I'm starting to get feelings for this other guy but, I dont know what to do. Please, whoever gives me the best advice will get 10 pts. I need help. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you so very much!

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    6 years ago
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    Firstly, your 'problem' is very common. So what you are going through is totally normal.

    You have got to end it with your bf. If you're unhappy, your bf will sense it, so it's going to end anyway. I wouldn't mention this other guy if you don't want to hurt him. Just tell your bf that you no longer have feelings for him. It's totally natural and your bf will just have to accept that.

  • 6 years ago

    Honesty is the best policy. Even though it might not turn out the way you want it to,

    you know you've done the right thing and told the truth.

  • 6 years ago

    You have to end your relationship with your boyfriend. This isn't fair on him. Just say that things have changed and let him down gently.

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