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Injured rabbit?

So flash got a little hurt today, I was lifting a chair forward and at the last minute she ran where I was tipping the chair. As soon as I seen she was crunched a little I released the chair and she ran out. Her back right leg was a little lazy and she quickly layed down. I called the vet right away and ask if I can come no appointment, they said yes we will be waiting. Upon arrival they took her to the back and placed me in a room, they came in and said she's moving fine and hopping good. Vet did an exam to see if any bones were broken she said no sign of swelling, her legs moved good and no reaction to the back test. She said tomorrow if their is any sign of pain I can come in for pain killers. Ever since we've been home ( all this happened around 5pm) she hasn't eaten or drank, she eats a few hay straws here and there. All she's been doing is laying down and every 10 minutes changes positions, she moves in the cage okay but when she tried to lick her back I think she struggles a little. Any idea how long this may take to feel better? I've been crying my eyes out telling her how sorry I am. I just want my little baby to be okay! And how do I tell if she strains to use the little box? She looked a little funny when she was in it her bum was pretty high in the air

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    If the vet says nothing is broken or swollen, you need to trust the vet :) of course, she could still be in pain and perhaps also in shock- she was hurt and then she was taken to the vet (which can be very stressful for rabbits, but us rabbit mommies have to take care of our babies haha!). I would give her until tomorrow to see if she calms down and starts eating and moving normally again. Like the vet said, if she's showing signs of pain, i would get her some pain medication right away:)

    Dont feel bad, these things happen. Its great that you knew to take her to the vet right away and youre doing everything you can to make her feel better! And i hope she gets better soon!! Try not to worry too much!! Good luck!

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