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At Jos. A Banks buy one suit and get two absolutely free. What's the gimmick?

I often see on TV clothing advertisement by Jos. A Banks as well as Men's Warehouse unbelievably good sale of men's suits and other clothing. For example: Buy one suit and get two free. Now let me do simple math. If ordinarily a suit costs $250.00, don't tell me that I would get two free sets for that price. The ad don't say how much the price of the sale but based on the ad, the suit would cost me $750.00 and I get two other suits free, where am I ahead? Similarly, in many department stores when they advertise a sale of let's say 20% or 50% off, is this off the original price or they simply jack up the price and deduct the percentage to attract customers. I'd like to hear from people with department store sale experience.

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    They have set original prices on their suits high so they can show great discounts so people feel they are getting a good deal. My neighbor was the former sales training manager for Hart Shaffner and Marx and he said this is a common sales approach in the industry. Whether or not it is a good deal depends upon the quality of the suit that you want purchase.

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