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With unemployment among law school grads the worst in years, should the government do something?

Law school graduates from top 100 schools cannot secure placement in jobs where a JD is required. A repository of articles is available on NYT documenting the hardships of many law school graduates who are saddled with a huge debt and nowhere to go.

Law school professors have gone on to suggest that the JD degree should be reduced from 3 to 2 years to save students from impending financial burden. But what about another solution - demote the law degree from an graduate degree to an undergrad so that when someone "majors" in law and it was found to be a "mistake" there is another chance to redeem him/herself with another career route. What is the value of a law degree when already graduates from Brooklyn Law, a top 50 are suing their alma mater? Or, when only 10.9% of graduates from the University of San Francisco have secured attorney jobs?

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    Gotta go grassroots with this problem. Word of mouth needs to spread the word that law school is a truly impoverished idea. Get it out of people's heads! Because, the schools and student loan slimebags are a dirty business out to take naive grads for everything they've got. There are no ethics here. Do you think the gov't really cares? LOL! No. There are gov't entities with their own hands in the game too. They've written the rules in favor of the scammers. Higher education is scamming people left and right, not just law schools. Only consider law if you're heading to a tier one law school.

    Sadly, I know of people who have been scammed into going to law school after graduation and are looking at entirely different career paths.

    How to get rid of the over-saturated schools? Get rid of the easy/zero credit no-assets-needed mortgage-size loans for all program. That way, if people suddenly have to think about a realistic way to pay for school, they can't go. That dries up business for the schools and the market corrects itself. Higher education is hovering inside inflated bubble territory. Why else would things like tuition costs be soaring far above so many other industries? Just a thought for you. Hmmmm.

    On the other hand, if you're going past undergrad, don't you think people should research what they're doing well before going? Why would you trust a silly college brochure to tell the whole truth? Law has been a saturated profession for some time now.

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    The solution is cut down at least 60% of all law schools. There are far too many crowding in the cities and far too few available jobs. At the same time, we should increase the enrollment for medical schools and open new ones as well to support the growing demands of the healthcare field. We do not need 100 lawyers for every doctor in this country.

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    They still have to pass the Bar Exam to practice law. Incidentally, you don't need a law degree to take the Bar Exam in California.

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    Yeah, the government should so something - reduce the number of lawyers by making it harder to get into law school in the first place. PERIOD.

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    This is what happens when too many people try to 'get more education', so they can have 'real jobs'. What will become of us if no one will do regular jobs, and all become doctors and lawyers? A middle class conservative's wet dream, or so he THINKS.

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      I'm leaving, E T, so don't start.

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    My older sister has that problem. There really isn't anything the government could do, other than sending the entire baby-boom generation on a one way trip to Mars.

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    Like with TEACHERS-- Let's have 35 states offer FREE LAW DEGREES!!

    then- we can CUT COSTS by attacking lawyers!! It worked with teaching!!

    Let's give FREE MED DEGREES, too!

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    I knew this would happen---eventually. We have changed from a nation of laws-----to a nation of lawyers.

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    just get rid of the law schools, they are factories for toxic, liberal thoughts and ideas....we would be better without them all

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