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How difficult is it to apply for citizenship in the UK if you plan on becoming a foot doctor there?

I'm considering applying for a UK podiatric medicine degree, but unfortunately I wouldn't be able to practice in the US. Does anyone know if its easier for a person to file papers for residency in the UK if you are a physician?


Podiatric medical degrees (Bachelors in Podiatry) in the UK is not recognized in the US. Only the MD is.

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    Studying in the UK is non immigration, you simply would not be able to remain and work, you would have to return to your own country and gain experience and only if later you found a job on the list that people who require a work visa to work in the UK and you fit the criteria, applied and got it would you be able to work in the highly unlikely

  • Hugo90
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    You would be able to practice in the US if you are already a citizen. There are foreign trained Physicians in every city and hospital.

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    Why will you not be able to practice in the USA? I think you are already an illegal there. if your paperwork is not in order you cannot apply for a visa.

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