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Can Republicans get more Hispanics to vote for them without changing their stance on immigration? Why or why not?

Hispanics are just like most people; they don't vote on one issue. But it seems to me that MOST Hispanics support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. The GOP does not want to change their view on immigration, which I think most Americans support. But can they get Hispanics to vote for them if they don't change their stance on immigration? Explain

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    Immigration is only an indicator. The fact is, both parties want to reform immigration rules to allow 'a pathway to citizenship'. Both parties LOVE immigrants, but for different reasons.

    But the way the Republicans enormously overestimate the problem of illegal immigration, how they are constantly accusing the Democrats of just wanting to let immigrants flood into the country, this is just part of a bigger item in conservative politics. Hispanics see the Republicans as intolerant and that's what the Repubs have to deal with. Their immigration policy is just the tip of the iceberg.

    When Obama was running for president, the Repubs did all they could to make his color a major factor in the election. I was surprised at how unsuccessful they were, but they may have actually defeated themselves by doing this! After the election, they spread the idea that Obama got elected ONLY because blacks voted for him, and they did this ONLY because he was black. Do you wonder why blacks haven't switched over to the GOP in massive numbers? 8^P

    Then they picked a black guy to be their chairman! They insisted HIS color had nothing to do with it, but they never let him actually do anything, he was just a figurehead. When this didn't pull in a lot of black voters, they quietly got rid of him.

    The trouble the Republicans have today is that they have spent decades cultivating an intolerant base, and now they can't 'reach out' to minorities for fear of alienating their base! For 20 years or so now they've seen that minority populations are growing faster than white populations in some important 'battleground' states, and they need at least some of these minority votes to win. For all this time they've tried to reach out to them, but the minorities haven't been fooled.

    Immigration is only a small part of it. I think the current struggle over minority voting rights in Republican-run states will hurt them a lot more!

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    I know many Hispanics who are pissed at the antics of the illegals and just want them to go back home

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    The latest rhetoric of both Democrats & Republicans on the need for Immigration Reform has put the final ball on the Republicans. Speaker John Boehner is certainly the reason why immigration reform will not get done this year. With a heartless pilot on the control in Congress, he has shown absolutely no amount of sympathy to the bitter sufferings of 12 million souls. By playing the blame game, he has shown he is immature and clueless of the inevitable. GOP will eventually sink into oblivion.

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  • jack f
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    Who knows? I for one am not for capitalization, or changing ones core belief to gain votes. I think it shows hypocrisy. Liberals do this all the time, because they are hypocrites. I only hope the Republicans stick to there moral, their beliefs, their vision, and don't pander for votes.

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    Good question. I think that the Republicans have dug themselves into such a deep hole on this one that they have to support some path to citizenship to be seen as having some commitment to Hispanic interests. It is worth remembering that before 2000 that immigration was not seen as that partisan an issue.

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    Not sure...but it is about US law and not buying votes.

    Buying votes is for democrats that have no policy other than to tax and spend

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