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Give her a name!!!?

So my boyfriend decided that he's going to get us a new chihuahua pup so my chihuahua can have a friend. I've been wanting to get him a friend for a few years and now in a week he'll have one. The breeder named her Lyra but I'm not sure if I want to stick with that name. Any ideas????


I glad that you guys are concerned but I know spam when I see it, someone was trying to get me with spam yesterday. This breeder is 20-25 minutes from where I live, we have each others number and we talked for over an hour. She's even follow my current Chihuahua on instagram, this is no spam this is real.

Update 2:

and this is not a puppy mill, once again I know puppy mills when I see it and I would never buy a dog from a store because I know it's puppy mill puppies. I'm always telling other not to buy from stores too.

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    Tinker bell


    Hope I helped!

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    This is a puppy SCAM...DO NOT BUY HER...this puppy does not exist or has long since died...Julie D., I personally have encountered the Cameroon Puppy Scam, luckily I was not stupid enough to fall for it, yes these look exactly like the pictures. Talk to the breeder DIRECTLY and see the puppy before you buy. Otherwise you might just be buying a crate full of air. If this puppy exists, which I doubt it does, and if they're actually going to send it to you, which I doubt they will, then you can name it anything from Alex to Lyra. That is up to you as the dog owner.

    If this isn't a scam, those pictures look like puppy mill photographs. Whatever you do, don't buy from a Petland, ect. Even some kennels that seem legitimate may be puppy mills. Puppy mills are terrible things, and NEVER buy from them.

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    This isn't a puppy mill but it's the definition of a backyard breeder. No show records, no health tests, no breeding qualifications of any kind other than "cute applehead conformation"- this is NOT a good breeder. Chihuahuas are the second most common dogs dumped at shelters. Millions of them are killed every year because people like this won't stop breeding them and people like you keep buying them. If you want a chi go to a shelter and adopt one that needs a home.

    Any "breeder" that will ship puppies is BAD. She states right on her home page that she will ship puppies, nobody that cares about their puppies in the slightest would put them on a plane (that is incredibly stressful) to go to a new home with people she hasn't even met.

    Please don't be fooled by a cute picture, this puppy is not well bred and chances are will end up with genetic issues or behavior problems. Please do a little research before running out and buying a puppy, it's not a sweater.

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    I agree with Julie D. this does look a lot like a scam or puppy mill photo.

    Have you seen the dog in person? How about the parents? If you are shipping her in do you have contact information for at least 5 other people who have purchased a puppy from them?

    Never pay via western union! If they ask for a money order RUN.

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      After viewing the breeders website they do not appear to be a puppy mill of a scam HOWEVER PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

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    I don't really have a name suggestion, but I did want to comment on these pictures. Did you find this so called breeder online and did they suggest that you send them a Western Union money order so they can ship this puppy to you? The reason why I'm asking this is because these pictures look like the ones that usually go along with the Cameroon Puppy Scam. So, if you have not actually spoken directly to this breeder, I would be very careful. As stated, there's an internet puppy scam that's been around for years, and there really is no puppy at all.

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