How do you copy and paste microsoft word images?

Hi.. So I have this assignment to do.

There are some images on the Microsoft word document that I would like to copy and paste onto Google image search so I could see what picture it is and what it's called. How would I copy it? I copied it but it doesn't do it on Google. I have Microsoft word 2003 and don't tell me to upgrade it because my computer is for school. (they downloaded it for us and we can't change that)

Please please if you know plz tell me how to do that.



basically in easy words: How to insert microsoft word images to google image search. :)

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    6 years ago
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    Option 1: Try right clicking the picture then saving it to you documents' picture folder. Then proceed to google image search and upload the picture.

    Option 2: Obtain a program called Irfanview

    This program is very helpful for many picture related things. Install, then right click the picture copy and paste into irfanview, then once again save to pictures, and upload in google.

    Option 3: Depending on your windows, if you have windows 7, use the snippet tool, which is under all programs (from the start menu or the orb in bottom left hand corner) then under accessories, you'll find it, run it and you'll screen will white out and you can select just the picture, which you can then save, and upload. Or if you have an older windows, just make sure word is your foremost open and active app, then press Alt+Print Screen (or Print Scr) which should just copy only the word program (or whatever program you have at the front or active) then proceed to paste into irfanview then with you mouse just select from the upper left across to the lower right the image (like cut & select) and choose cut selection which is the scissor, it will cut, you'll see the gap, press D to clear the "canvas" then paste (the clipboard icon or CTRL+V) the image and once again save then upload.

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      THANK YOU NESTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it worked!! ohmygod thank you thank you !!!

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  • 6 years ago

    Select this image and paste into photoshop of click>Accessories >paint

    and past this image and save it jpeg format . Ok

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      Thank you!

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