22 years old, advice on Job Situation Please?

So I'm 22 years old and still live with the parents (not ashamed though, just glad I have a job and am working towards a goal) However I most definitely would like to move out.

The plan was to wait for my brother to graduate from college and find a place with him. (He graduated this weekend) However I'm nervous because I feel deep down, he really has no ambition to go look for one. I'm working about 35 hours a week on a minimum wage job and and I just simply need more money to become self-supportive.

I don't want to be stuck at home forever and really want to find a full-time job that pays more an hour, but not really sure where to look. Any ideas or strategies I could go about this and start becoming more independent?

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    6 years ago
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    First, see if you can get some kind of skill-development at your current job. Many employers - even those that pay only minimum wage - will let or assist their employees to develop skills if they can help improve productivity. Training can be anything from basic correspondence courses to training for commercial driving license or intro computer program applications.

    If you're not interested in your current job or your employer doesn't offer any "career-development " opportunities, then the next strategy is to see about taking courses at a local community college or personnel development program. Many of these places offer free training, on-line courses, or you can sit-in on ( or audit) the classes...may not get the paper, but you still learn the subject matter.

    Of course, the above strategy has to be done during your free time. (I got my substitute teacher license by taking evening on-line courses while working daily 8 hrs. unloading crates at a local bookstore.).

    Check out websites of local community colleges and places with programs that can earn you certification in fields that offer higher paying opportunities. As noted before, many of these classes and programs are free, or you can set up a payment program if necessary.

    On a different point...don't go into ANY financial activity with a person whom you are uncomfortable or suspicious about. If you aren't confident, then you are putting not only your money but your future and your relationship at risk. It's better to remain good siblings than to risk long-term enmity that could poison your relationship forever. He doesn't need to know your reason...just say your plans have changed and you have to follow a direction other than the one you originally considered.

    As someone else has mentioned, you must consider your education status. If you do not have a college degree then I strongly urge you to seek one. There are many routes you can take to get a degree. I suggest you meet with a college adviser to discuss how you might enroll and how to finance the effort.

    The info you get can help you devise a strategy to accomplish your goal.

    You should also know that many college students finance their coursework by working on-campus in anything from landscape maintenance to file clerks to library aides to computer operators. (Besides, college can be one of the best ways for a person to get on one's own - either living in a dorm, or off-campus with roommates and/or fellow students).

    Best of luck!

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    Well, you say you're working towards a goal. What is it? You should be thinking about education or training in order to land that better job.

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    Do you have a college degree? If so, can't you find a better-paying job?

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