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Do all parts of the Commonwealth have to approve Camilla getting the title Her Majesty the Queen when Charles becomes His Majesty the King?

Just as the late Queen Mother was titled Her Majesty the Queen when her husband was His Majesty King George VI...and as the late Queen Mary was titled Her Majesty the Queen when her husband was His Majesty King George V...and as Queen Alexandra was titled Her Majesty the Queen when her husband was His Majesty King Edward VII?

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    Camilla will be a Duchess her whole life, there is nowt anyone can do about it. Church of England will never crown a divorced harlot with a husband still living. If Andrew Parker-Bowles dies that will make it easier but there is still the little detail of adultery not to mention the memory of Diana which still burns bright in people's minds. We will never accept the wanton whore as Queen - we'd sooner have a republic and just chuck the monarchy altogether! She will be Duchess of Lancaster as Cornwall will be Catherine's new title when Charles becomes King, or they can make her 'Princess Consort' or some such rubbish.

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    In case you are busily plotting to deprive our future queen of her title, perhaps it would be a kindness to put you out of your misery. It is the law of the land that the wife of the Prince of Wales will become queen when he becomes king. She may or may not choose to use this title when the time comes, but that is the fact, nevertheless.

    To change this law would require the passing of a bill by the parliaments of Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the dozen or so other Commonwealth Realms whose head of state the Queen now is. Absent such unanimity among the parliaments of these Realms, the present Princess of Wales (more usually known by one of her other titles, the Duchess of Cornwall) will become queen.

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    The wife of every King of England from Aethelstan onwards and had the title "Queen". The word means "Wife of a King". All six of Henry VIII's wives enjoyed the title.

    The first ruling Queen of England was Matilda, the daughter of Henry I and mother of Henry II. Her cousin, Stephen, was crowned king on the death of her father and it started a long civil war known as the Anarchy. Matilda beat Stephen and ruled England for a few months with the title "Lady of England". If she had been crowned, she would have had the title Queen but Stephen beat her in the next battle.

    The first ruling Queen with the title Queen was Jane Grey who ruled for nine days before Mary I arrived and took her throne. Jane was beheaded and Mary had the title Queen. All ruling Queens since then, Mary II, Anne, Victoria and two Elizabeths have had the title. That is for ruling queens. The wife of every King is a Queen and there is no precedent for it to be otherwise.

    Commonwealth countries who have the Queen as head of state at the moment will probably go along with whatever title the Brits decide to give Camilla but there is no reason they have to agree. If the Brits decide she is to be Princess Consort, there is nothing to stop the Australians, for instance, giving her the title Queen of Australia to go with her husband who will be King of Australia. Canada and New Zealand could do the same. It would make the Brits look very petty.

    Setting a precedent by not giving Camilla the title Queen will mean that no future wives of kings will have the title. This has happened with the title "king" for the husband of a ruling queen. The husbands of Jane, Mary I, Mary II and Mary Queen of Scots were all given the title "King". Mary II insisted that her husband be co-regnant. Anne didn't ask for the title for her husband. Victoria did but was refused by Parliament. Elizabeth II did not ask for Philip to be given the title, honouring a request from Victoria to future ruling queens.

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    Nobody has to approve it, anywhere. It is the law, and has been for nearly a thousand years, that the wife of His Majesty the King is Her Majesty the Queen. End of. Period.

    The only people who raise the question at all are people who hate Camilla so much for wronging The Adored Diana, and so much want to see her humiliated, that they fantasise about a situation where 'The People' are asked if they want her as their Queen and answer no. Tough luck guys, it will not happen. They'll all just have to get used to it.

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    There is nothing to be approved. The wife of a reigning king is AUTOMATICALLY Queen Consort--by Parliamentary Law, tradition and protocol. Women assume the titles and status of their husbands.

    There was more of a problem with Camilla's wanting to be known by a title that doesn't exist--"Princess Consort."

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    No. Simply because there is nothing to approve. Charles becomes king immediately his mother dies, Camilla becomes Queen consort by dint of being his wife. There was some talk of styling herself Princess Consort, but I think that will quietly get forgotten. Polls are regularly undertaken on all aspects of the monarchy so they are quite aware of their popularity, something the republicans like to deny.

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    Nobody calls Queen Elizabeth II's husband Prince Phillip 'His Majesty the King.'

    Only the person who's the direct descendent of the previous king or queen is called King or Queen.

    The most that the spouse of a King or Queen can be called is Queen-Consort or King-Consort.

    That's reality. Not that make-believe crap you mistakenly thought.

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    No. The Queen is the Queen, and none of those other Queens had to seek anyone's approval. It just is from being the wife of the King.

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