Is 96% saturation and resting heartbeat of 95 ok , the nurse said its fine ,what values have you seen?

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  • 6 years ago
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    K- Your 96% saturation is okay BUT your resting heartbeat is HIGH! It might help to know your age, whether your heartbeat (should be the same as your pulse) was checked several minutes later, and why you're being evaluated. Much better heart rates of 60-80 per minute are desirable. Talk to your doctor!

    A physician

  • 6 years ago

    My age is 41 , i weigh 160 kg , and cause for evalutaion was that I got this weird sensation were i was feeling like when youre on a rollercoaster and get that that stomach feeling but in my chest also when i felt my own pulse the heart skipped a beat or two . I gues my weight and my worry pushed the heartrate a bit too. I wish a could talk to a doctor but since I have social phobia I do not leave my home except for shopping food at the nearby gasstation at night . feeling better today thank god .

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