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Name 15 children using these names?

Name 15 children using the names below, first names and middle names should be from these lists. Feel free to add extra detail such as birthdays, appearances and personalities.


Abigail, Adele, Amber, Anastasia, Bethanie, Caitlyn, Charlotte, Claire, Coral, Courtney, Emilia, Emily, Erika, Eve, Faye, Florence, Gabriella, Georgia, Grace, Hailey, Harriet, Heather, Holly, Isabella, Isla, Jemma, Jennie, Jessica, Lacey, Laura, Laurel, Lilly, Lois, Lydia, Lynn, Mabel, Mallory, Marie, Mary, Matilda, Melissa, Meredith, Mollie, Morgana, Natasha, Nicola, Noelle, Olivia, Perrie, Raven, Rebekah, Rihanna, Robyn, Rose, Rowen, Sienna, Skye, Sophie, Susanna, Thea, Victoria, Viviana, Whitney, Yasmin


Albert, Alexander, Alfie, Andrew, Archie, Arthur, Barnaby, Brady, Bradley, Brandon, Carter, Cayden, Christopher, Connor, Damien, Dane, Daniel, Darcy, David, Dominic, Edward, Elliot, Felix, Frankie, Fraser, Fletcher, Gabriel, Gage, Gareth, Henry, Isaiah, Jaiden, Johnny, Jordan, Joseph, Leon, Malachi, Marcus, Marley, Matthew, Maxwell, Michael, Morgan, Nathaniel, Niall, Oliver, Patrick, Peter, Quinn, Riley, Rowan, Scott, Sean, Stephen, Sylvester, Taylor, Theodore, Thomas, Timothy, William, Zachary

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  • 7 years ago

    Courtney Susanna

    Lacey Noelle

    Natasha Skye

    Holly Claire

    Caitlyn Gabriella

    Hailey Marie

    Olivia Rose

    Whitney Lynn

    Lilly Grace

    Matthew David

    Taylor Malachi

    Brady Thomas

    Isaiah Michael

    Carter Dane

    Dominic Maxwell

  • 7 years ago

    1. Isla Faye

    2. Sienna Grace

    3. Matilda Skye

    Emilla Florence

    4. Thea Jessica (my future daughter's name!)

    5. Harriet Eve

    6. Laura Anastasia

    7. Rihanna Yasmin

    8. Amber Perrie

    9. Oliva Morgana

    10. Lilly Marie

    11. Hailey Rebekkah

    12. Jemma Victoria

    13. Lilly Rose

    14. Holly Melissa

    15. Georgia Isabella

    1. Alfie Alexander

    2. Archie Theodore

    3. Nathaniel Maxwell

    4. Jaiden Thomas

    5. Frankie Elliot

    6. Malachi Taylor

    7. Carter Damien

    8. Zachary William

    9. Bradley David

    10. Riley Peter

    11. Connor Marley

    12. Oliver Patrick

    13. Brandon Sylvester

    14. Arthur Henry

    15. Joseph Niall

  • 7 years ago

    G: Abigail Thea

    G: Matilda Rose

    G: Meredith Isla

    B: Zachary Sean

    B: Joseph Dane

    B: Michael Leon

    G: Laurel Faye

    G: Natasha Lois

    B: Stephen Alfie

    G: Heather Skye

    G: Morgana Lynn

    G: Anastasia Rowen

    B: Nathaniel Gage

    G: Charlotte Mary

    G: Yasmin Eve

  • Liv
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    7 years ago

    Nathaniel Joseph

    Skye Victoria

    Henry David

    Theodore Sean

    Natasha Faye

    Meredith Marie

    William Patrick

    Gabriel Marcus

    Isabella Matilda

    Peter Jordan

    Grace Adele

    Sophie Lynn

    Bethanie Lois

    Damien Matthew

    Hailey Charlotte

    "Nate, Skye, Henry, Theo, Tasha, Merrie, Will, Gabe, Izzy, PJ, Grace, Soph, Beth, Damien, and Hailey"

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    Hailey Rebekah

    Caitlyn Rose

    Charlotte Grace

    Isabella Marie

    Lacey Olivia

    Heather Claire

    Anastasia Lilly

    Hailey, Cate, Charlie, Bella, Lace, Heather, and Anna


    Patrick Riley

    William Dominic

    Gabriel Thomas

    Peter Nathaniel

    Edward Alexander

    Michael David

    Zachary Scott

    Isaiah Andrew

    Pat, Will, Gabe, Pete, Eddie, Mike, Zack, and Isaiah

  • Cami
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    7 years ago

    Anastasia Rose "Nastia"

    Gabriella Claire "Ella"

    Jessica Skye

    Natasha Marie "Tasha"

    Noelle Viviana

    Olivia Charlotte

    Sophie Yasmin

    Andrew Taylor "Andy"

    Connor Joseph

    David Nathaniel "Dave"

    Dominic Sean

    Jaiden Zachary "Jai"

    Michael Alexander

    Stephen Elliot

    William Marcus "Liam"

  • Autumn
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    7 years ago

    Coral Marie

    Florence Lily "Flora"

    Holly Charlotte

    Mabel Claire "Mae"

    Nicola Amber

    Sophie Morgana

    Victoria Eve

    Albert Dominic "Alby"

    Connor Quinn

    Daniel Felix "Danny"

    Elliot Marley "Eli"

    Isaiah Matthew

    Oliver Theodore "Ollie"

    Taylor Arthur

    Alexander Henry "Alex"

  • Bethany Thea - Beth

    Claire Rowan

    Eve Natasha

    Florence Olivia - Flora

    Lacey Natasha

    Rose Gabriella

    Sienna Charlotte

    Susanna Raven - Suki

    Victoria Caitlyn - Vika

    Arthur Thomas

    Elliot William

    Theodore Taylor - Theo

    Gabriel Stephen - Gabe

    Dane Timothy

    Dominic Michael - Dom

    "Beth, Claire, Eve, Flora, Lacey, Rose, Sienna, Suki, Vika, Arthur, Elliot, Theo, Gabe, Dane and Dominic"


  • 6 years ago

    Matilda Bethanie

    Emily Marie

    Victoria Coral

    Lydia Mollie

    Rose Anastasia

    Mary Adele

    Jennie Charlotte

    Olivia Eve

    Mabel Lilly

    Henry Dane

    Marcus Daniel

    Nathaniel Elliot

    Carter Scott

    Alfie Patrick

    Maxwell Oliver

  • 6 years ago

    Caitlyn Rose

    Matilda Faye

    Robyn Eve

    Melissa Charlotte

    Noelle Grace

    Florence Olivia

    Mollie Erika

    Mallory Lois

    Alfie Thomas

    Oliver Patrick

    Zachary Andrew

    David Connor

    Jordan Scott

    Matthew Elliot

    Damien Brady

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