what are Malaysia attractions?

Malaysia attractions also valuable destinations are able to discuss. I heard many gossips about the beauty of Malaysia. That’s the reason I decided to make a short trip up to Cameron Highlands in Pahang, Malaysia. The Nature trails and treks really inspired me and the beauty of this place motivates me for visiting. There are plenty of nature treks for visitors to do in Cameron Highlands, varying in distance and difficulty; there is even a Moonlight Rendezvous walk in the forest which starts at 7.30pm. share if you visit Malaysia .

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    Malaysia is a beautiful country all over the world. It has various places for visiting. It is the capital of Kuala Lumpur. I want to share Top 10 Tourist attraction in this country.

    • Cameron Highlands

    • Georgetown Inner City

    • Taman Negara

    • Pulau Tioman

    • Mount Kinabalu

    • Petronas Twin Towers

    • Langkawi

    • Perhentian Islands

    • Sepilok Rehabilition Centre

    • Mulu Caves

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    Cameron Highlands, Taman Negara, Pulau Tioman , Petronas Twin Towers , Perhentian Islands , Mulu Caves , Diving at Sipadan Island and Cameron Highlands are the more attractive place in Malaysia.

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    Genting Highlands, Thisi City of Entertainment city. it is diligently developed for the tourists.Feel the pulse of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur famous Petronas Twin Towers. http://www.joytravels.co.in/international-holidays...

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    Some great tourist attractions are

    1.Cameron Highlands

    2. kuala lumpur

    3. Borneo

    4. Penang Island

    5. Langkawi

    and many more

    Here is a link of the tourist places in malaysia.

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    You have posted your question to the wrong section. Malaysia is not located in Europe!!

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    Some of the attractions of Malaysia is:

    1. Pulau Tioman

    2. Mount Kinabalu: With a summit height at 4,095 meters (13,435 ft), Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Borneo. The mountain is known worldwide for its tremendous botanical and biological species biodiversity.

    3. Petronas Twin Towers: The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur were the world’s tallest buildings before being surpassed in 2004 by Taipei 101. However, the towers are still the tallest twin buildings in the world.

    4. Mulu Caves: The Mulu Caves are located in the Gunung Mulu National Park in Malaysian Borneo. The park encompasses incredible caves and karst formations in a mountainous equatorial rainforest setting.

    5. Langkawi: Malaysia’s best-known holiday destination, Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea. The islands are a part of the state of Kedah, which is adjacent to the Thai border. By far the largest of the islands is the eponymous Pulau Langkawi with a population of about 65,000, the only other inhabited island being nearby Pulau Tuba.

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