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whats better windows 8 or 7?

some people says windows 8 sucks

is it true? why , why not

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    Windows 8 was difficult for people to wrangle at first. The start menu was replaced with the start screen. Basically a full screen version of the start menu.

    Programs are represented as large tiles. An app store was added and Windows Store apps, or just apps, can show notifications on their tiles. The Mail app can show the titles and sender of new emails, the weather app can show the current weather, etc. Making it so you can get information without opening a bunch of programs is actually kinda neat but the apps themselves were largely designed to touch input and for simplified use cases. So they were right at home on a tablet but not so much on a desktop or laptop. Though I gotta say, Having my Steam games on start screen is pretty cool thanks to the Steam Tile app.

    The apps have improved a lot since then. Windows 8.1 came out and has had one big update already. Making things a lot nicer for desktop and laptop users.

    Don’t get the wrong idea here. Windows 8 & 8.1 run the same desktop programs as Windows 7 and earlier. Again, the start screen is simply a different take on accessing your stuff with a focus on reducing complexity.

    Having tiles spread out across your screen takes advantage of today’s high resolution displays. No matter how large your display gets, the start menu can only show you about 20 items at a time before you have to scroll. I’s got 40 tiles on my start screen with room for nearly twice that and without scrolling. It's a time saver.

    A lot of folks have been using Windows XP since 2001 so there is a massive culture shock when they see 8 for the first time. It’s been 13 years and Microsoft has introduced a lot of changes since then. For people who upgraded in that time, Windows 8 wasn’t that big of a leap. But now that XP has been retired people are being forced to upgrade. It’s gonna take some time to adapt to over a decade of improvement. For example, the OS defragments hard drives automatically so outside special cases, there is not much need to run Disk Defragmenter manually.

    Some people don’t know that pressing the power button on a computer is OK now. It does the exact same thing as clicking Start, Shut down. And this isn’t new to Windows 8. It’s been a good way to turn off a computer since XP!

    Anywho, Windows 8 in an improvement over 7. It starts faster, has improved security, better File Explorer, Task Manager, and a host of performance tweaks. Heck, if you’d like the start menu back then all you have to do is wait. It’s going to be part of an update to 8.1 sometime around August 2014.

    So yeah, Windows 8 had a rocky start but it didn’t suck as much as people wanted to believe.

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    Windows 7 is better right now. The fact that everyone complains about Windows 8 should tell you something.

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    6 years ago

    To some,W8 can be annoying because it just cant get out the habit pressing windows buttons to select programs and to change their p c settings and a lot of p c settings are also missing =in the new windows and regardless of the fact that to the windows 7 users,windows 7 is the best

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    I don't care for either much, but then again I'm really not much of a Microsoft kind of person. If I HAD to choose, then 8. And any reasons 8 sucks will most likely be present in former versions as well. Everybody has had trouble with Windows at some point in time or another.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I prefer Window 7.

  • 6 years ago

    It really depends of personal preference. The one thing alot of people were upset about is the fact that there is no start button, but the good news is that Microsoft said they will be releasing an update that will bring back the start button. Also if your gaming Windows 8 is better then Windows 7 for gaming. If this helped or if you have anymroe questions please consider liking this page they can answer any commputer question and instantly.

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    I think window 7 is best.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Windows 8 is better because new modal is always better than old.

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    Windows 7 is the norm for many. Windows 8 requires rethinking, but is actually a simpler system. I know, I just bought a windows 8 on purpose!

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    No, it was a bit rough at the start, drivers were not propery shifted over. People hate change, and they refuse to admit that 90% of the issues they have are their hatred for change.

    Generally it is a bit prettier and feature full, but has some of the functionality pealed out.

    Both are valid operating systems, its a personal choice.


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